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Portugal defeated its rival Azerbaijan 3-0 in the framework of the African qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

Portugal national football team goals against Azerbaijan

Portugal scored the first goal against the host Azerbaijan in the 26th minute through Bernardo Silva, the player scored strongly from inside the penalty area in a difficult angle on the opposing goalkeeper.

The second goal came in the 31st minute by Andre Silva, who hit the player with his feet into the net after a beautiful cross from the left.

Diego Jota scored the third goal in the 75th minute with a powerful header that dwelt in the middle of the Azerbaijan goalkeeper’s net, ending the match with Portugal winning 3-0.

Portugal squad

Coach Fernando Santos entered the starting lineup against his host Azerbaijan in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, where Rui Patricio was goalkeeper.

While in the team’s defense came: Rafael Guerrero, Robin Diach, Pepe, Joao Cancelo, while in the middle of the team came: Bruno Fernandes, Danilo Pereira, Joao Moutinho.

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In the attack of the team, the coach relied on the trio, Diogo Jota, Cristiano Ronaldo, Bernardo Silva.

Azerbaijan squad

Italian coach Gianni De Biasi played a starting lineup against his counterpart Portugal, where he was goalkeeper Emil Balaif.

In the defense of the team came: Maxim Medvedev, Mert Celik, Hojat Haqvardi, Gara Garaev, while in the middle of the team came: Eddie Sylvester, Ismail Ibrahimli, Namej Alasgarov.

As for the team’s attack, the three players, Ali Qurbani, Mahir Madatov, and Ramil Shedaev came.

The group standings in the European qualifiers for the World Cup 2022

Portugal is ranked second in the group with 13 points, three points ahead of the leaders France, “The Rooster”, with 16 points.

In the third place in the group, the Croatian team came with 3 points, equal to the lowest standings, the Sweden team, with the same points during the qualifiers for the World Cup 2022.

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