Predictions for 2021 are frightening and shocking … the blind fortune teller reveals the details A nation is tweeting out of tune


The British newspaper “Daily Mail” published frightening predictions of the blind and famous Bulgarian fortune-teller, Baba Vanga, which sparked controversy and division between supporters and opponents of the 2021 forecast, despite the passage of 24 years since her death.

The British newspaper recalled the most important predictions of Bulgarian fortune telling for the year 2021, which confirmed that the year 2021 will witness many disasters and untold global suffering, indicating that a powerful dragon will take over the planet, which some have interpreted as Chinese domination of the world.

Putin and Trump

With regard to the Russian leaders Vladimir Putin and the American Donald Trump, the fortuneteller confirmed in her predictions that Trump would suffer from deafness and a serious illness, while Russian President Vladimir Putin would be exposed to an assassination attempt, and that Europe would face a chemical attack by militants, while Russia’s sky witnessed the emergence of a giant meteor, according to The newspaper.


According to the fortune teller, a treatment for cancer will be reached in the year 2021, as she said before her death in 1996: “The day will come when cancer is tied with iron chains,” and one of her most famous predictions for the coming years is the elimination of hunger in the world by 2028, and the transformation of the earth. For an uninhabitable planet by the year 2341.

It is worth noting that Papa Vanga, who died aged 85, was very popular after many considered her successful in anticipating the attack on America in 2001 and the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States in 2008.

It is mentioned that mystery surrounds the character of the Bulgarian fortune teller, and some sources talked about her losing her eyesight at the age of 12, and her disappearance for a while during a strong storm, while after her reappearance she became able to predict the future.

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