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President of Cairo University to “the Stock Exchange”: 5 billion pounds, the cost of developing Qasr El Ainy hospitals, with Saudi funding


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Cairo University is implementing a project to develop Al-Qasr Al-Aini hospitals at a cost of 5 billion pounds to raise the efficiency of the infrastructure and renew medical devices to conform to the highest medical specifications and change the pattern of public hospitals into specialized hospitals.

Dr. Muhammad Othman Al-Khasht said, President of Cairo UniversityThe cost of developing Al-Qasr Al-Aini hospitals is estimated at 5 billion pounds, in cooperation with the Saudi Fund.

He added to the “Stock Exchange” that major stages of development operations have been completed, which include restructuring the reception and emergency building of Qasr Al-Aini Hospital through the completion of its renovation, development and expansion operations to become in accordance with the code of international emergency hospitals, which contributes to raising its capacity and eliminating the phenomenon of overcrowding and congestion at a cost of about 280 one million pound.

Al-Khasht explained that the reception and emergency hospital was developed, as the total area of ​​the building increased from 700 square meters to 7 thousand square meters, and it was equipped with the latest capabilities and modern medical devices according to the latest international specifications, as well as the automation of the movement of patients.

The Internal Medicine Hospital at Kasr El-Ainy has also been upgraded and its efficiency is raised according to the latest methods and systems, at an estimated cost of 35 million pounds in accordance with international medical standards.

Al-Khasht said that over the course of 3 years, the university completed the process of developing Abu Al-Rish Japanese Hospital in two stages, at a cost of 55 million pounds.

He added that the process of developing the National Cancer Institute has been completed, as a large percentage of the institute’s development work has been completed in its northern, eastern and southern buildings, including developing the infrastructure of the southern building and equipping it with the latest international specifications, increasing the capacity by 90% and developing outpatient clinics to reduce waiting lists and overcrowding.

He explained that the university completed 70% of the construction of the first phase of the new National Cancer Institute “500500” in Sheikh Zayed within 10 months of its receipt, and the buildings that included all the outpatient clinics and the main services began to appear, and the university finished the concrete works and the facades of the front building of the hospital.

He pointed out that it is scheduled to receive patients at the institute by the end of next year to contribute to raising the largest possible burden on the Egyptian cancer patient, as the hospital was designed according to the latest and most comprehensive international scientific and engineering standards.

The new National Cancer Institute consists of a specialized and integrated teaching hospital for treating all types of tumors and all ages, with a capacity of 1020 beds in the internal department, 500 beds in a day treatment unit, 60 major operating rooms, and 15 radiotherapy machines.

In addition to an integrated advanced cancer research center that includes laboratory research laboratories that cover all fields of science for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tumors, the project also includes an integrated and certified facility for pharmacological and surgical experimental animals, and banks for stem cells and genetics associated with cancer.

Al-Khasht said that Cairo University is working to complete the development of Thabit Thabet University Hospital to become one of the largest hospitals in the world for the treatment of infectious, internal and endemic diseases, as it is the first medical research institute specializing in infectious diseases, and the President of the Republic directed financial funding estimated at 400 million pounds to complete 90% of the work. Missing hospital.

He added that the concrete buildings at the New International University in 6th of October City have been completed and the finishing stage has been reached, which will be completed within months in preparation for the official opening at the end of this year at an investment cost of 10 billion pounds.

He explained that the international branch is built on an area of ​​575 acres that includes the main building that includes the dome of the university and houses the program and university administration.It also includes educational activities buildings, amphitheaters, the area of ​​research and science centers at the highest level and the first building in Egypt for animal research studies and the sports stadium area on an area close to 1800 square meters. .

The President of Cairo University indicated that the beginning will be through a set of new academic programs ready to start and work upon completion of the construction and include about 30 programs in cooperation with universities that have their status and classification at the international level and international organizations and institutions.

Al-Khasht said that a housing project for faculty members and workers at Cairo University is being implemented in 6th of October City, which is being built on an area of ​​175 feddans at a cost of 4 billion pounds. It is a non-profit project that aims to serve faculty members and workers and provide them with decent housing.

He added that the current completion rate in the project ranges from 80% to 100% in all items related to housing units. Many aspects of the project have been completed, such as the concrete structure works by 99% and the building works by 90%.

He explained that in the period from August 1, 2017 to June 30, 2020, installments of the project’s land price exceeding 300 million pounds were paid and the fines signed on the project by the 6th of October City Authority were waived at a value of EGP 320 million, and in the event that the project was delayed, it would be subjected to large fines that hinder its completion.

He said that the prices are identical to the actual cost without any profits, and the service areas are being offered according to the Tenders and Auctions Law with the presence of a consultant from the State Council and a representative of the Ministry of Finance, and if success is achieved in the service areas, this will greatly reduce the burden on the bookers, as the outputs of the service areas will return to the project.

Al-Khasht added that the university has allocated 100 million pounds to support colleges to convert to electronic education and study remotely using international programs and applications for distance education by uploading curricula and questions for each college electronically on the university’s website and the colleges’ websites.

He explained that with the beginning of the “Corona” pandemic, a workshop was held at the Knowledge and Electronic Services Center for all faculty coordinators to train them in remote study methods, develop methods of teaching courses, and discuss the problems that students may face in surfing the Internet. CDs were provided with the weekly lectures for each course. .

The university succeeded in conducting the first distance education experiment at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science using modern electronic communication mechanisms by explaining the lesson electronically and communicating with students through one of the global applications of distance education.

Al-Khasht said that the scientific research system at the university actively contributed to the research of the “Corona virus”, as 5 research teams were formed that included more than 25 scientists and researchers from the faculties of science, medicine, pharmacy and the National Institute of Oncology and Veterinary Medicine, and they were supported with 10 million pounds to conduct scientific and laboratory research of the virus and develop Antiviral treatment or serum.

The university’s research teams achieved 30% of the Egyptian participation in scientific research at the global level, as it was the first in Egypt in internationally published research on the Coronavirus, with about 30 papers from 100 Egyptian papers, in addition to about 25% of clinical trials to reach a vaccine for the virus. Corona.

Muhammad Othman Al-Khasht, President of Cairo University

The research teams were able to determine the genetic signature of the type of “Corona” virus in Egypt, which is represented in 3 types, and reached 78 viral samples, which helped to provide an international treatment protocol for infected Prime Time Zone based on two drugs available in the market at a low cost and uniquely combining work as an anti-virus and as a control or regulator of the immune system. And without any side effects.

Al-Khasht explained that the Medical Care Fund was supported for faculty members and their assistants and university workers with an amount of 50 million pounds from the university’s own resources to continue providing its services to all university affiliates and contracting with “Wadi El-Nil” hospital in Hadayek El-Kobba and “Al-Asimah” hospital in engineers to provide the necessary medical services to faculty members and workers. And pensions.

He pointed out that the international publishing bonuses for the year 2019 began to be paid to faculty members and researchers at the university, which amount to 32 million pounds for 1,377 researchers who have published 4,594 international scientific papers in various scientific disciplines, as the percentage of the increase in the remuneration of faculty members and their assistants to motivate them to conduct their research internationally was 65% over the course of 3 Years past.

He said that the total scientific research published in the name of the university in international scientific journals reached 56 thousand papers, of which 12 thousand researches were published only during the past 3 years, equivalent to 22% of the total research published in the name of Cairo University throughout its history.

The president of Cairo University added that the rate of citations for Cairo University scholars ’research reached 91,000, equivalent to about 8 citations for one research, which reflects the quality of Cairo University’s scholars’ research.

He explained that the university has succeeded in concluding about 151 international agreements with the aim of cooperation and student exchange with many universities and higher education institutions in the world.

He pointed out that 9 agreements have been concluded with university degrees at the bachelor’s and bachelor’s level, and at the postgraduate level, masters and doctoral degrees, which contribute to informing university students about many global systems, programs and future jobs.

He said that during the past year alone, the university funded research projects with a total of 280 million pounds, as it is the largest funding for research projects in the history of Cairo University, including research projects on the “Corona” virus, at an amount of 25 million pounds.

Over the course of 3 years, Cairo University participated in many research projects amounting to about 98 projects in several fields in cooperation with various state institutions with the aim of contributing to achieving sustainable development.

The university has submitted 33 innovative projects and patents from several colleges, including pharmacy, engineering, science, and agriculture, the College of Graduate Studies for Statistical Research, and the Egyptian Center for Nanotechnology and Specific Education.

Cairo University opened the new headquarters of the “Confucius” Model Institute, in cooperation with the Chinese government, which is the largest in the Middle East, and won the award for the best institute in the world for international HSK examinations to determine the level of the Chinese language for learners.

The article, President of Cairo University, to “the Stock Exchange”: 5 billion pounds, the cost of developing Qasr Al-Ainy hospitals, with Saudi funding, was written in Al-Borsa newspaper.


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