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The fans of the German club Schalke 04, who were relegated to the second division, failed the club’s management of the Spanish player Serge Enrique, 31, in a free transfer deal during the past hours, due to his participation in a pornographic movie.

A German club and the signing of a Spanish player

Schalke 04 reached an agreement with former Neymar star Serge Enrique, where the player was scheduled to undergo medical examinations before officially joining the German team.

But pressure from the fans on the club’s management thwarted the contract at the last minute, and forced him to leave in an official statement to announce the cancellation of the deal to sign Spanish player Enrique.

German club fans and the porn movie

And the fans of the German club Schalke stopped the deal to join the Spanish player Enrique, because of his participation in a pornographic movie with one of his friends while they were having sex with a woman that was circulated on social media.

In the same context, the German newspaper “Bild” said that a Spanish court had sentenced the Spanish player and his friend to a two-year prison sentence and a fine of 100,000 euros, after they admitted publishing the video without the woman’s consent.

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racist terms

And it was not the only reason for Schalke fans to stop the club’s management from contracting with the player, as an audio recording attributed to the Spanish player Enrique was circulated widely on social media in his use of racist terms against his colleague Eddie Sylvester.

The Spaniard Enrique played in many European clubs, where he played for Real Mallorca, Alcoron and Numancia, and then moved to the Spanish club Eibar.

He participated with the Spanish club Eibar in 187 matches, in which he managed to score 34 goals since joining the team during the summer of 2015, and his contract with the team expired at the end of last season.

It is noteworthy that the German club, Schalke 04, was relegated to the second division at the end of last season, after occupying the lowest position in the German Bundesliga with 16 points.

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