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Today, Thursday, the Moroccan authorities’ decision to prevent the Eid al-Adha prayer, whether in chapels or mosques, to prevent the spread of the Corona epidemic, sparked a wave of widespread anger among Moroccans.

The authorities in Morocco attributed this decision to “the difficulty of providing conditions for social separation,” due to the influx that usually takes place on this occasion, and in respect of precautionary measures, according to a statement by the Ministry of Endowments.

The decision to cancel the Eid prayer in Morocco

This decision caused a wave of controversy and anger among Moroccans, who objected to the ban on Eid al-Adha prayers, while the beaches, swimming pools and parties were crowded with citizens.

Muhammad Shihab al-Din wrote: “The so-called Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs in Morocco prevents the Eid al-Adha prayer. I was afraid of the Corona virus. Knowing that the beaches, swimming pools, squares, parties and shops are overcrowded.”

Abdel-Khaleq said: “The sea, cafes, markets, buses and parties meet the conditions of distancing.”

Hasnaa mocked the decision of the Moroccan authorities and the Ministry of Awqaf, saying: “Today’s joke.”

And without another, “To God we complain about the contempt for religion in our country.”

A Moroccan activist, denouncing the application of the rules to mosques only, said: “This Corona is a believer who is dear to mosques.”

Corona in Morocco

The virus infections continue to escalate, as 2571 new infections were recorded on Thursday evening, bringing the total to 549,844 cases.

While the number of deaths has risen to 9418 since the outbreak of the virus, after 14 deaths were recorded during the last 24 hours, and the number of new serious or critical cases reached 80, bringing the total to 420 cases.

A member of the Scientific Committee for Vaccination, Moulay Mustafa Naji, expected that the number of Prime Time Zone infected with the Corona virus would exceed 3 thousand per day before Eid al-Adha.

He explained, in press statements, that “the expected increase in the number of infected Prime Time Zone is due to the citizens’ inaction in adhering to precautionary measures, and the presence of hotbeds of new variants that are characterized by rapid spread.”

For his part, the Prime Minister, Saad Eddin El Othmani, expressed his regret at the acceleration in the number of injuries, during the government council meeting, Thursday.

In a statement, he called for more caution and caution, and a redoubled effort to confront the situation, which he described as “alarming.”

Extension of the state of emergency

Last Thursday, the Moroccan government decided to extend the state of health emergency imposed in the country since March 20 of last year, for an additional month, in conjunction with a warning of a new epidemiological setback.

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Morocco is betting; With a population of about 36 million, the campaign aims to accelerate the vaccination campaign to get out of the health crisis and its economic repercussions, and the campaign aims to “reduce the number of deaths and serious cases among groups with health fragility.”

The number of Prime Time Zone who received the first dose of the vaccine reached 11 million and 31 thousand and 195 Prime Time Zone, while the number of Prime Time Zone who received the second dose reached 9 million and 553 thousand and 617 Prime Time Zone.

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