Prince Ali bin Al Hussein, officially Vice King, supports Princess Haya and deletes a tweet criticizing bin Zayed and normalization | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Jordanian media reported that Prince Ali bin Al Hussein was sworn in today, Thursday, to become deputy to Jordan’s King Abdullah II, in the presence of the cabinet.

This came, according to the official Jordanian news agency, in an urgent news, without giving further details.

It is noteworthy that Prince Ali bin Al Hussein, the third son of the late King Hussein, is the current Viceroy of Jordan.

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He is the son of King Hussein bin Talal and Queen Alia.

Prince Ali bin Al Hussein

Prince Ali bin Al Hussein was appointed commander of the king’s special security forces in the Republican Guard in 1999, until January 2008.

Prince Ali bin Al Hussein also established and managed the National Center for Security and Crisis Management at the direction of Jordan’s King Abdullah II.

Prince Ali bin Al Hussein retired after 23 years in the Jordanian army, to be referred to retire from his military job, holding the rank of major general in the armed forces.

After that, Prince Ali bin Al Hussein penetrated the sports arena, where he was president of the Jordan Football Association.

In 2000, he founded the West Asian Football Association, becoming FIFA’s vice-president for the Asian continent.

Prince Ali bin Al Hussein ran for the FIFA presidency in 2020, against Joseph Blatter and former Portuguese Luis Figo, who withdrew from the electoral race before the elections.

In the first round, Blatter received 133 votes, compared to 73 for Prince Ali bin Al Hussein. In the second round, Prince Ali withdrew.

Ali bin Al Hussein attacks normalization and Mohammed bin Zayed

It is noteworthy that in August of last year, a tweet by Prince Ali bin Al Hussein, son of King Hussein and brother of the Jordanian monarch, sparked widespread controversy on the communication sites, in which he participated in an article criticizing the Emirati-Israeli relations.

The picture attached to the article showed a picture of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, with a shoe painted on it and the words “traitor” and “normalization are treason” written under it.

The article shared by the prince came under the title “The Israeli-Jordanian Agreement: A Major Breakthrough or a Betrayal?”

The tweet was later deleted after a large wave of criticism against the prince from Jordanian and Emirati tweeters.

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The tweet sparked wide reactions on social media, at the time, and revived the controversy surrounding normalization.

A group of tweeters accused the prince of criticizing Israeli-Emirati relations, while Jordan preceded them with normalization.

While the opponents of normalization celebrated the tweet, describing what the prince shared as “the honorable position that represents every Arab.”

At the time, activists launched the hashtag #Prince_Ali_represents me to express their support for his positions, even if they “do not express the views of the Jordanian government.”

Ali Bin Al Hussein and Princess Haya

It is worth noting that Prince Ali bin Al Hussein had previously published a photo of him and his sister, Princess Haya, coinciding with the judicial battle she was waging against her husband, the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Currently, Prince Ali bin Al Hussein holds the position of Director of the National Center for Security and Crisis Management, President of the Jordan Football Association, and President of the West Asian Football Association, in addition to his new position, which he assumed today, which is the Viceroy.

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