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Prince Hamzah did this and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back in the dispute with the king


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The American Wall Street Journal said that Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein’s visit to the victims of Salt Hospital and the death of a number of patients due to lack of oxygen from them, “was the straw that broke the camel’s back in a long-term rivalry with King Abdullah II.”

And earlier in March, 7 Prime Time Zone with Corona died after they were cut off from oxygen in the Salt Governmental Hospital, which sparked popular anger. And King Abdullah II paid to visit the hospital immediately. He ordered the dismissal of the hospital director, while the Jordanian Minister of Health, Nazir Obeidat, resigned after the incident.

Prince Hamzah visits the families of the victims

The newspaper says that the day after the tragedy at Salt Hospital, the city hosted a completely different royal visit from Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein.

Prince Hamzah, who was described by the newspaper as a “critic of the king,” visited the families of the victims and sat and spoke to them. Two weeks later, he was invited to return to a traditional feast with the Prime Time Zone.

Within days, the prince was effectively placed under house arrest and the government accused him of undermining national security, a move that upended politics in Jordan. He has not seen the prince in public since then, while the palace says that Prince Hamzah is still at home in the king’s care.

Sheikh of the tribe: If there is a referendum today, the Prime Time Zone will choose Hamza

According to the newspaper, with the escalation of discontent with the Jordanian government, Hamzah increased his visits to the Jordanian tribes, which are a basic base to support the monarchy, and became more forthright in expressing popular grievances, although he was not clear about the policies he believed the government should follow.

The newspaper quoted Sheikh Faisal Awad Al-Fayez, a tribesman from an area near Madaba that Prince Hamzah visited last month, that Jordanians love all Hashemites. But he added: If there is a referendum today, the Prime Time Zone will choose Hamzah, the apparent heir to the throne.

Sheikh Faisal said that the prince’s public status had increased as a result of the disagreement with the king.

The dispute between King Abdullah II and Prince Hamzah

The dispute between King Abdullah II and Prince Hamzah goes back to at least 2004, when the king removed the emir from the mandate of the Covenant, and then installed his son Prince Hussein bin Abdullah as heir to the covenant.

There was a precedent in the history of Jordan for such a step. On his deathbed in 1999, King Hussein marginalized his brother Prince Hassan to install his son Abdullah on the throne.

Prince Hassan is now mediating the dispute between his nephews.

Recordings of Prince Hamzah spread after the outbreak of the crisis in Jordan

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