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Prince Hamzah’s wife’s clan issues a stern warning | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The “Kafr Khalil” clans, to which the wife of the Jordanian Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein, Princess Basma Bani Ahmed Al-Atoum, belonged, expressed their refusal to put the name of the princess and statements about her by the government.

“Spreading falsehoods”

According to a press release issued by the clans, they warned about what they called “spreading falsehoods” about them, saying: “Kufr Khalil is general and the clans of Bani Ahmed Al-Atoum in particular. It denounces and is surprised that the name of the Jordanian Princess Basma Bani Ahmed Al-Atoum has been implicated in the events that took place in our beloved homeland.

The statement stressed that the clans rejected the way the princess was touched by the Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister, which contained a wink and a lamza. He does not encounter institutions that take the rule of law as an approach, according to the statement.

She added, “From here, we categorically reject any allegations or hints that the princess will communicate with any internal or external parties, neither from near or far.”

The statement continued: “The princess has never departed from her role as the wife of His Highness the authentic Hashemite Prince Hamzah bin Al Hussein.”

Legal and clan right

And she continued: “Based on the foregoing, the Kafr Khalil clans warn against dealing with these falsehoods and circulating them from near or far under penalty of legal and tribal responsibility.”

And she continued: “We reserve our legal and tribal right to pursue any individual or entity that had any role in affixing these falsehoods against Jordan’s Nashmiyeh daughter, Princess Basma Bani Ahmed.”

She concluded by saying: “The Kafr Khalil clans in general and the Bani Ahmed Al-Atoum clan in particular affirm loyalty and belonging to the homeland and the Hashemite family. Represented by one of the ranks and the leader of the march, His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein. We ask the Almighty, the Almighty, that God protect Jordan, its king and Prime Time Zone, from all evil.

Accusations of the Jordanian princess

And Sunday, the Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ayman SafadiFor a long time, the security services monitored activities and movements. By the former heir. Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, who is currently under domestic isolation, and other Prime Time Zone “targeting the security and stability of the homeland.”

Al-Safadi indicated that the investigations revealed interference and contacts with external parties about the most appropriate timing to start steps to destabilize Jordan’s security.

He added, “The security services also monitored the communication of a person with links to foreign security services with the wife of Prince Hamzah. He puts his services at her disposal. ”

He continued: “He offered the princess to secure a plane immediately to leave Jordan for a foreign country. This represents another indication of the involvement of external parties in suspicious activities that have been thwarted in order to protect Jordan’s security and stability.

Later, the businessman of Israeli origin, Roy Shaposnik, whose name was mentioned in Jordanian media, was denied in the context of this allegation. Having any connection with “Mossad”.

But he confirmed his offer to help the family of the former Crown Prince of Jordan, who described him as a friend.

Prince Basma, who holds a flight instructor license, is the second wife of the former Jordanian crown prince and they married in 2012.

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