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Prince Sattam bin Khaled attacks those celebrating the release of Lujain Al-Hathloul, calling her this description A nation is tweeting out of tune


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The Saudi prince, Sattam bin Khalid Al Saud, expressed his anger at the global celebration of the release of the Saudi activist Loujain Al-Hathloul on Wednesday.

He did not dare to name Lujain Al-Hathloul

The Saudi prince commented, in a series of tweets monitored by “Watan”, on celebrations and statements due to the departure of Lujain Al-Hathloul after the expiration of the sentence, without naming her.

Sattam bin Khaled said: “They celebrated and the statements came from here and there because of the exit of a Saudi girl from prison after the expiration of her sentence.”

Sattam added, “But they ignored hundreds of women and even thousands of detainees in the prisons of Syria, Iraq, Israel, and even in their countries.”

He added, “They also ignored the assaults against women that their soldiers practiced in several countries and their police personnel in their countries.”

Creating fake heroes

In a series of tweets, two hours before this tweet, Prince Sattam said: “Trying to create fake heroes. What the West is doing for some personalities aims to penetrate societies from an intellectual point of view.

He pointed out that this aims to influence them also from the religious point of view, and not as they claim. In these cases, they are as if they are militants and in fact they have not added anything to society and are also rejected, according to him.

He continued: “If they are true to human rights as they claim, then where are they about the human being who kills and displaces in African and Asian countries.”

He continued: “Where are they about recruiting children in conflicts, but we find shameful situations from them, as they may ally themselves with these countries in the hope of their wealth. In the end, teach yourselves what you are talking about, and stop you lying and hypocrisy.

He added, “We, by the grace of God, have granted women their full rights and we see them in the highest positions participating side by side with men in building the nation.”

He added, “But we find that the West is still talking about women because what they do in the first place has nothing to do with women. Rather, they seek to introduce abnormal ideas that clash with religion, society, customs and traditions.

Prince uses anonymous video

In another tweet, the Saudi prince used a video clip of a policeman insulting and brutally beating a woman, questioning the rights of women and children.

Commenting on the video, he said: “Where have the rights of women and children gone, that you export the ideal to us while you miss it, or are your hearts? Merciful to us and cruel to your Prime Time Zone ”.

He continued: “These scenes that we see frequently from them of police assaults on women, and this case is not the only one. Of its kind, like many, I apologize for the violence in the clip.

Biden remarks

It is worth noting that many jurists around the world celebrated the release of the Saudi activist Loujain Al-Hathloul. Which forced the Saudi regime to release her, fearing sanctions from US President Joe Biden.

This seems to be Loujain Al-Hathloul’s name is the first Saudi name mentioned by Biden after he assumed the presidency of America, as he blessed the move to release her from the prisons of Bin Salman. In an official conference today from inside the US Department of Defense.

Biden considered in his speech that the Saudi authorities released the activist Loujain Al-Hathloul, who spent more than two years in bin Salman’s detention centers. “A right step should have been taken.”

It is noteworthy that earlier, the family of activist Loujain Al-Hathloul announced her release, based on the judge’s ruling last night, according to what her sister Lina announced.

As the US President said at the beginning of his speech at the Pentagon: “I have some welcome news about the Saudi government’s release of the human rights activist Loujain Al-Hathloul.”

“She was a strong advocate for women’s rights, and her release was the right thing to do,” he added, praising her.

Taser on her ear

Walid Al-Hathloul, the brother of the Saudi activist, Loujain Al-Hathloul, who was released yesterday, revealed the details of the first telephone conversation that took place between him and his sister, who was detained in Saudi prisons.

Al-Hathloul also said, in a tweet monitored by “Watan”: “As I spoke to Jane today, I blamed her on the day she called me in the first month of detention when she was in the secret prison at a time when she was tortured.”

Al-Hathloul added, “I blamed her for telling me that she was fine at the time she was suffering. She told me what should i do I put electric stun guns on my ears, and if I said anything about torture, they would electrocute me. ”

Seven requests by Jane Al-Hathloul

Earlier, Walid Al-Hathloul published a series of tweets, revealing 7 requests for her, as the release date for her, according to her sister Lina, approaches.

Walid said in his tweets: “Loujain’s basic requests to open an independent investigation into whoever ordered, planned and carried out her abduction from Abu Dhabi to Riyadh. An independent investigation was opened on who ordered, planned and carried out her abduction from Dhahban prison to a secret prison in Jeddah.

He also added: “An independent investigation has been opened on whoever ordered, planned and carried out torture in the secret prison in Jeddah. An investigation was opened with Judge Ibrahim Al-Luhaidan for removing paragraphs from the prosecution’s newspaper (witness list). When she sent her entire file to the Specialized Criminal Court.

He continued: “The fulfillment of her request to summon the witnesses mentioned in Al-Prosecution’s main newspaper, and to prosecute all Saudi newspapers that tarnished their reputation. One is not taken for another’s crime, and the travel ban for all members of her family is canceled.

It is reported that Loujain Al-Hathloul was arrested in May 2018. Her family members, activists, and human rights organizations say that she was subjected to torture and sexual harassment.

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