“Protection of Competition” discusses with “COMESA” strengthening joint cooperation


The Agency for the Protection of Competition and the Prevention of Monopolistic Practices discussed, with the COMESA delegation, ways to enhance joint cooperation.

The ECA said, in a statement, that a number of matters related to competition protection policies in COMESA member states were discussed, and studies carried out by the Egyptian Competition Authority regarding mergers and acquisitions that take place in the countries of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, and ways to develop Strengthening cooperation between the Agency and the COMESA Competition Commission.

The visit came within the framework of continuous cooperation with competition protection agencies in African countries, and various African organizations and blocs, led by COMESA, to work jointly to confront any monopolistic practices at the level of member states, and to provide all means of technical and human support to advance joint efforts in the field of competition protection.

The article “Protection of Competition” discusses with “COMESA” the strengthening of joint cooperation was written in Al Borsa newspaper.