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Most of us read about the health importance of onions, especially in cases of cold or flu, and during the period of the plague in England, they cut it and left it in rooms to purify the air, and to help them not be exposed to infection again by strengthening the immune system of patients.

Onions and energy pathways in the body

But putting onions inside socks under the feet is a step that grandmothers resorted to in the past and that grandchildren took it as a joke. However, it has been scientifically proven that this step has many benefits.

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This was explained by the Lebanese doctor Sandra Nabil Louka, who holds a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine and a Masters in Chinese Medicine from Zhajiang University of Chinese Medicine.

Sandra said in her talk to (Madam) magazine about the importance of putting onion slices in socks before bed: (According to the theories of alternative Chinese medicine, when you put onions inside your socks during sleep, it will clean your blood and make way for energy pathways).

electrical lanes

Sandra pointed out that this energy has several pathways in the body, including: the mid-pelvic bones region, the navel region, the upper abdomen region, the mid-sternum region, the neck region, the forehead region, and the area above the head.

And she continued, “These pathways control many of the body’s functions. If you think that you have nerves and a nervous system, you must believe that you have meridians that also affect the energy pathways in the body.”

Sandra confirmed that alternative Chinese medicine explained the electrical pathways located at the feet, which are called meridians, pointing out that they allow the feet to interact directly with the vital internal organs in the body.

Sandra says that many Prime Time Zone don’t think the meridian line is at the end of the body or at the bottom of the feet, but Chinese medicine says it’s related to the nervous system.

The nerve endings of the body in the foot

Sandra explained that the lower part of the foot contains many different nerve endings, adding: (Approximately 7,000 lines of meridians are directly connected to different organs within the body, these lines represent very strong electrical circuits inside the body, and are often inert, because we wear shoes).

(I walk barefoot)

The Lebanese doctor stated that many resort to acupuncture or walking without shoes to free the meridians, in order to activate the nerves in any way or stimulate them in the lower part of the feet, as well as to inhibit the field of negative ions of the earth.

Sandra revealed that one of the most successful ways to open up the electrical pathways (meridians) and help purify the internal organs without making any changes to your diet, is to cut up onions or garlic and put them in your socks while you sleep.

Sandra explained the benefits of cutting onions and putting them in socks while sleeping as follows:
Onions and garlic, when applied to the skin, also kill germs, bacteria and pathogens, and they have powerful antibacterial and antiviral benefits, and help support the immune system.

The phosphoric acid in onions helps purify the blood and kill any bacteria or germs, and it is absorbed through the skin, the substance that makes you cry when you cut it and that enters the bloodstream in this way.

Putting onions in socks prevents influenza.

Onions purify the air, and despite their unpleasant smell, they will keep your feet smelling better, as they absorb toxins and harmful chemicals and pull them from your feet while you sleep.

Putting onions inside the socks increases the production of insulin in the body, which means that sugar is easily transferred from the blood to the cells of the body, so the sure benefit is to avoid high blood sugar for the longest time possible.

Steps to put onion slices in socks before bed

First, use organic onions, whether white or red, as they will be free of pesticides and other chemicals that you don’t want to hide in your feet and enter your bloodstream overnight, and cut them into slices.

Second: Put the onion slices inside the sock of your feet below while you sleep

Other tips to ensure the desired results:

  • Cut the onions into flat slices, so that they can be placed on the entire bottom of your feet while you sleep
  • Overnight, the natural healing powers of onions through the skin will purify your blood, kill bacteria and germs, absorb toxins, and also help purify the air in your room.
  • The best time to follow this simple and useful method is in the late hours of the night, and minutes before going to bed.

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