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The Qatar national team succeeded in achieving its first victory in the Gold Cup competitions, after defeating its rival Grenada by four clean goals, in the framework of the second round of the championship held in the United States of America.

The Qatari team scored the first goal of the match in the 11th minute through Abdul Aziz Hatem, while the second goal came in the 22nd minute by Akram Afif, and in the 36th minute, Mohamed Al-Montari scored the third goal with a powerful shot that hugged the net of his opponent Grenada.

Qatar returned at the end of the mid-game events in the 46th minute through the skilled Qatari star Al Moez Ali, and the first half ended with four clean goals without a response.

The course of the second half witnessed the Qatar national team maintaining the result of the first half by controlling and controlling the ball on the field, while wasting many opportunities to score in the net of its rival Grenada.

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But he failed to do so in light of the last team’s contentment with the defensive role of his team’s goal, and the match ended with the result of the first half with four clean goals.

Grenada was eliminated from the tournament from the second round after its second loss, and its last match will be a foregone conclusion against the upcoming Panama team.

Qatar national team squad

The coach of the Qatar national football team, Felix Sanchez Bass, played 45 years, where he was in goalkeeper Mishaal Issa Barshim.

While in the line of defense came in the lineup: Abdelkarim Hassan, Pedro Miguel, Mosab Jibril, Boualem Jorge.

As for the midfield, Abdelaziz Hatem, Karim Boudiaf, and Bassam Al-Rawi played in the attack, while the team’s triple attack was Al-Moez Ben Ali, Akram Afif, and Mohamed Muntari.

Group standings in the Gold Cup

Honduras is at the top of the group standings during the Gold Cup tournament with 6 points, followed by Qatar in second place with 4 points.

In third place is the Panama national team with a single point, and in the lowest ranking of the competing group without scoring any points.

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