Qatar offers its mediation to Saudi Arabia to end the tension with Turkey | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Special Envoy of the Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs for Combating Terrorism and Mediation in Settlement of Disputes, Mutlaq Al-Qahtani, affirmed Qatar’s readiness to mediate between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and between Saudi Arabia and Iran, as part of the efforts to resolve conflicts in the region over the past years.

Qatar is ready to mediate to ease tension

Al-Qahtani said, during a political seminar organized by the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies “non-governmental”, that Doha is ready to mediate and calm tension between Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran, stressing that this is due to the principle of consent as a basic principle in international relations.

Benefit for everyone

He added: “If these two countries see that the State of Qatar has a role in this mediation, then it is possible to do this, and it is in everyone’s interest that there be friendly relations between these countries, especially between basic and major countries. Like Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran. ”

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The Qatari official affirmed that his country played an important, major and diplomatic role in the calm between Turkey and the United States, expressing his optimism that the outcomes of the Al-Ula summit in the Gulf will contribute to strengthening joint Arab and Gulf cooperation and strengthening Gulf states with the Arab decision.

This is how we succeeded in managing the Gulf crisis

Al-Qahtani stressed that the mediation process carried out by Qatar gained it news in managing the Gulf crisis, and that this crisis did not affect Doha’s efforts in mediation, saying: “Ending the Gulf crisis will have positive effects and strengthen the role of Qatar, which will continue its efforts regardless of what we are exposed to. Him in the former. ”

He referred to the repercussions caused by the Gulf crisis on peacekeeping between Djibouti and Eritrea after Qatar withdrew from mediation, which had negative and dangerous repercussions on the stability of the Horn of Africa, adding: “Doha has managed to maintain its position as a reliable and honest mediator on the regional and international arenas.”

He continued by saying, “This was embodied in the success of its mediation to sign the historic peace agreement between the United States and the Afghan Taliban movement in Doha last February, in addition to bringing together the Afghan parties in the first dialogue after two decades of conflict.”

We have stopped the bloodshed in Afghanistan

He continued: “Doha has managed to stop the bloodshed in Afghanistan and launch the Afghan dialogue, and to address crises, some of which are declared and some of them unannounced,” noting that resorting to Qatar’s mediation in many conflicts and crises is due to the fact that it has no hidden political agenda, and it is not looking for media fame It is about achieving international security and stability and the development and welfare of peoples.

The Qatari official affirmed that his country is ready to mediate in many of the region’s inflammatory files, if the will and desire of the concerned parties in Yemen, Libya, Somalia and others are available, with the aim of strengthening security and peace in those countries.

It is worth noting that the past months witnessed a Saudi boycott of Turkish products and a dangerous escalation between the two countries, while it later disappeared amid signs of rapprochement between Ankara and Riyadh, especially after Joe Biden won the US presidential elections.

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