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Queen Rania Al Abdullah celebrated the birthdays of her two daughters, Princess Iman and Salma, in a special way.

(I yearn two girls)

Queen Rania shared her followers through her official account on (Instagram), a video of clips from the childhood of the two princesses Salma (21 years old) and Iman (25 years old), to the tunes of the song (Ya Banat) by Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram.

The Queen of Jordan commented on the video, as it read:

Then Queen Rania published a recent photo of her two daughters, all wearing casual clothes, a white T-shirt and jeans, commenting: (The whole life).

It is noteworthy that Princess Iman was born on September 27, 1996, while her sister Salma was born on the same day, in 2000.

In another context, Queen Rania congratulated her in his tweet on her official account on the Twitter platform, after the Jordan women’s team won the Arab Cup title about two weeks ago over its Tunisian counterpart, with a clean goal without a response.

Queen Rania Al Abdullah published a tweet on her account, saying: “Congratulations to the Nashmiyat,” adding a comment in English: “Congratulations to our team on winning the Arab Women’s Cup 2021.”

Queen Rania attached her tweet to the publication of the Jordan Football Association, which published news about the Jordanian women’s team, “Al-Nashmiyat”, winning the 2021 Arab Cup title, in the final match against its rival, the Tunisian women’s team, which was held at the “Arab Contractors” stadium in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

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Queen Rania bag

A few months ago, the appearance of Rania Al Abdullah sparked widespread controversy among activists a few months ago because of her personal bag that she was carrying.

Queen Rania’s appearance came at the time, on the occasion of the celebration of Jordan’s 75th Independence Day, inside the Al-Amer Raghadan Palace, in the traditional Jordanian cloak.

What caught the attention more was her appearance on the occasion with an Egyptian-made bag.

The bag is inlaid with the Pharaonic “lotus” flower, and its price is $330, according to the Masrawy website.

The nunizcairo Foundation, which designed Queen Rania’s bag, commented on her choice.

On her Instagram account, she posted a picture of the queen carrying the bag and commented, “It is a very beautiful thing for me and for every Egyptian product to be seen on a global scale, especially on someone elegant and chic like Queen Rania.)

Rania 1

And she continued: (It is a great honor for me, and because she was wearing the Lotus bag, the Egyptian symbol, it calls for more pride.)

Queen Rania Al Abdullah made her husband popular

The British geopolitical expert and investor, James Arnold, spoke in an article in the newspaper “The Hill” about the role of Queen Rania in making her husband popular with the Palestinian Prime Time Zone in Jordan, although this may cause anger among the Jordanian tribes who are trying to adapt to demographic changes. , as he put it.

In his article, “Arnold” had suggested to King Abdullah II of Jordan some solutions to satisfy the Prime Time Zone and save their position due to the great crises that Jordan witnessed, especially with regard to the file of the “issue of sedition.”

James Arnold stressed in his article that reforming the judicial system is the most effective way in Jordan to promote stability amid a problematic reality.

The writer explained that King Abdullah II of Jordan inherited, like his predecessors, a difficult situation due to the geographical and demographic location, as well as the relationship with Israel in terms of managing the guardianship of the Noble Sanctuary in Jerusalem and receiving millions of refugees, which is economically and politically costly.

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He added that “in the transformation of the kingdom into a constitutional monarchy, the Hashemite court faces the task of satisfying the Jordanian Prime Time Zone divided between the Jordanian tribes and the Palestinians.”

Corruption and nepotism usually occur during the long transitional process, and it is a battle for any king to find solutions to the status quo rather than repeated opportunistic solutions, if we take into account the competing interests, says Arnold.

And add that no meaningful progress will be made unless under the watchful eye of world public opinion, as opposition from the royal court recedes and disappears in the sand.

The writer says: “King Abdullah has made repeated attempts to solve the problem of corruption in the kingdom. But it is time for a series of management changes to solve the problem. It is ideally placed to manage the constitutional transition process, local interests, and competing great powers.”

He points out that he began his studies in Oman and then at Deerfield Academy and Georgetown in the United States, the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Oxford University in Britain.

According to Arnold, “King Abdullah of Jordan found an opportunity to replace the head of the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission in 2019 with a clear and frank man, Muhannad Hijazi, who successfully collected evidence on unresolved corruption cases.

This was a very important step forward, but the king apparently wants more reforms as he created a committee of 92 members to propose parliamentary reforms.”

The writer says that evidence is a prerequisite for an independent, impartial and responsive judicial system to be able to bring charges and prosecute.

However, it is not easy for any country to achieve, as notions about the rule of law differ in a fundamental way.

Arnold pointed out in his article that the king must reform the Ministry of Justice and the Attorney General’s office and inject a new generation into them.

An independent inspection body should also be appointed to monitor the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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