Radical adjustments to educational curricula in Saudi Arabia in line with the ideas and policies of the House of Saud | A nation is tweeting out of tune


As part of a program to acquire awareness and belonging to Saudi students, the Saudi authorities have worked on radical changes in educational curricula, in order to enhance loyalty to the House of Saud and support bin Salman’s crimes as policies in favor of the Kingdom.

In this context, the Saudi authorities decided to establish units under the pretext of “intellectual awareness” within schools and universities, in order to ensure the promotion of the issue. Loyalty to the rulers of the command “Al Saud”.

According to Saudi media, Minister Hamad bin Muhammad Al Al-Sheikh, the Saudi Minister of Education, commented that his ministry aims to establish the unit. To “promote the virtuous values ​​such as loyalty to religion, loyalty to the ruler, and belonging to the homeland.”

Al-Sheikh also considered that the matter aims to “spread the values ​​of moderation, tolerance and coexistence, and to prevent extremist thought and address its effects.”

According to the Saudi minister, the unit aims to encourage the process of scientific and research initiatives that relate to intellectual issues.

Minister Al-Sheikh affirmed that his ministry would not agree to exploit educational institutions in order to promote extremist ideology. Or to practice any behaviors that call for dissolution, or to use educational professional responsibility in other than their national contexts.

Earlier, the Saudi Ministry of Education issued decisions to dismiss dozens of teachers whom it deems to have “ideological violations.”

The Minister of Education provided the directors working in the ministry with wide powers, in order to implement these decisions.

Saudi Arabia is also plagued by a state of international criticism regarding the state of public freedoms and freedom of opinion and expression. And its imprisonment of anyone who violates the directions of the ruling authorities.

The kingdom, on the orders of its Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, made radical changes in education, which officials in the Kingdom considered. It comes in order to ensure that it is free of extremist ideas.

The kingdom also accuses the “Sahwa” movement from time to time, which it considers to be part of the Muslim Brotherhood, for controlling the curricula. Saudi Arabia and stuffing it with extremist ideas.

Changes in educational curricula

According to the “Saudi WikiLeaks” website, it has monitored ten changes in the Saudi educational curriculum, since bin Salman came to power.

The changes in the educational curricula in the Kingdom also came as follows: First: Abolishing anti-Semitic, Zionist and Jewish texts in the world.

Second, the abolition of content that combats homosexuality.

Third: The texts that attack the Zionist movement have been deleted.

Fourth: Deleting texts that nullify any right of the Jews to the blessed land of Palestine.

Fifthly: It removed Quranic verses and hadiths of the Prophet that glorified jihad in the cause of God.

Sixth: It removed texts prohibiting magic and sorcery.

Seventh: I removed texts warning against polytheism with God and loyalty to the unbelievers.

Eighth: It eliminated ideas that Israel wanted to build a state from the Nile to the Euphrates.

Ninth: Religious lessons about world warfare and the end of the Jews have been deleted.

Tenth: Promoting terms hostile to the Ottoman Caliphate and the role of the Ottomans.

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