Raghad Saddam Hussein remembers “The Black Day” in a video she described as difficult to forget A nation is tweeting out of tune


Raghad Saddam Hussein, the daughter of the late Iraqi president, published a video of the Amiriya shelter massacre, which was targeted by US forces in 1991.

Amiriya shelter

ووصفت Raghad Saddam Hussein, the tragic accident in the video that you released to coincide with the anniversary of the accident in which more than 400 Iraqis were killed. She said: “Amiriya Refuge, a memory that cannot be forgotten.”

Thirty years ago, the shelter, which is located in the Amiriya area west of Baghdad, was targeted during Operation Desert Storm with two large bombs that killed 408 civilians, including 52 children, 261 women, and 26 others of Arab nationalities.

the black day

Every year, on these days, Iraqis remember what they call “black day”, when the night broke its teeth for children. Women and the elderly. Before the emergence of the first strings of the sun at 4:30 dawn on Tuesday, February 13, 1991.

Two American fighters bombed a shelter in the Amiriya neighborhood in the center of the capital, Baghdad, as part of Operation Desert Storm. Launched by an international coalition to expel the Iraqi forces from Kuwait.

The American bombing was carried out by two smart bombs specially made to hit concrete shelter No. 25, the first of which penetrated the fortified ceiling. While the second arrived inside it, they killed about 408 Prime Time Zone, including 261 women and 52 children, the youngest of whom was no more than 7 days old, in addition to 26 Arab citizens.

Bunker shelter

The shelter, along with a host of other shelters, was constructed by Western companies during the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988), with the hope that it would be resistant in its design. It is equipped with immunization against mass strikes, i.e. strikes by non-conventional chemical or biological weapons, and it is sealed against atomic and nuclear radiation and air pollution with these radiations. According to a report published by “Al Jazeera Net“.

The shelter also accommodates 1,500 Prime Time Zone, who can seek refuge inside it for days without the need for the outside world, as it is equipped with water, food, electricity and clean, unpolluted air.

The building consists of 3 floors, the floor area is 500 square meters, its wall thickness is more than one and a half meters, as is its roof. Armed with 4 cm thick steel beams, the rear emergency doors lead to the basement and to its stairs. The interior leads to the ground floor where the refugees were staying.

Journalist Ali Karim Edheeb

Regarding the Al-Amiriya shelter massacre, journalist Ali Karim Edheib says that one of his relatives, called Abu Taiba (40 years old), was with his formed family. Of 3 children and his wife in the shelter, his memory still retains what his father told him about those horrific moments. When they found none of the family’s remains, except for the 4-year-old daughter’s catenary.

“The scenes in the shelter were horrific after it was bombed, as hundreds of bodies turned to ashes, and others were recovered,” he said, quoting his father. Completely burnt out and the features of their owners have disappeared.

The tragic event featured sculptural and artistic works, the most prominent of which is the sculptural monument, which consists of showing a human head from among stone blocks. Durable surrounding that leaves the facial skin tight, excessively harsh, with tense surface features of many shades. The formation of the mouth suggests an eternal stiff cry.

A stain on the forehead of the Americans

The pages of American history are full of many horrific scenes against unarmed civilians, whether in bloody wars or air strikes, and it is considered the crime of Al-Amiriya shelter. One of the evidences for this is, says Abdul Karim Al-Araji, professor of history at the University of Baghdad. He described this crime as a “disgrace” against the military and political decision-makers in America.

Al-Araji confirmed to Al-Jazeera Net that the United States obtained classified information about the shelter through its high-tech technology. He believes that the American strike was not futile, but rather painful, and that its purpose was to kill innocent Prime Time Zone only.

He recalled scenes of what he lived in those moments, like most of the Iraqi Prime Time Zone, and how the Iraqis were living in a state of terror due to the bombing. And the sounds of American missiles that were falling on them, targeting civilians and innocent Prime Time Zone.

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