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Raghad Saddam Hussein reveals why you did not see the moment of her father’s execution until today? | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Raghad, the daughter of the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, said that she had not seen the moment of her father’s execution, which was 15 years ago, in 2006, until this day.

Regarding the reason for this, Raghad explained in the fourth part of her private interview to the Saudi “Al Arabiya” channel, that she refuses to watch the moment of execution until today.

And she continued: “The scene I have not seen and I refuse to see it to this day. About two years ago, a member of my family was explaining the details, believing. I have seen this shot, I told him not to continue because I have not seen it nor will I see it one day.

Raghad Saddam Hussein added, “They wanted to smash a symbol, and they saw that by executing him the nation would be broken. They wanted something, but God wanted the best.”

And she went on: “He wanted this man to testify, and he recited the two testimonies at the last moment, and as everyone saw, he was brave until the last moment, so the magic turned on the magician.

The daughter of the late President of Iraq stressed that “the occupier of the country is clear,” as she described it.

She explained: “If the occupier does not consent to overseeing the execution of“ Q ”of the Prime Time Zone, neither Iranian nor non-Iranian can supervise. The Iranian side wishes as a state and not as a Prime Time Zone waiting for an opportunity to describe their sick hatred.

Regarding the current ruling regime in Iraq, Raghad said: “The ruling group in Iraq do not respect them and they do not care about me.”

And she continued, explaining the reason: “Because today I must categorically refuse to hand over my son and my head of state to other parties, whatever, this is a matter of principle. Regardless of whether it is the parent or non-parent

In another context, Raghad Saddam said that she did not expect one day that her father would be arrested by the American soldiers.

And she continued: “I thought that my father would be martyred, because martyrdom is always contained in the fight to defend the homeland.”

She added, “I have always been anxious about my father and my sisters and mother too.”

The stage of the American occupation was difficult

It is referred to as in part One From the interview, Raghad had said, “The occupation period was difficult for the family, and the occupation did not follow when we left the country.”

The daughter of the late President of Iraq added: “This period interspersed with the father’s defense phase for 3 years, which was not an easy phase. It was early OccupationBecause Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, his stage was not easy.

She explained that the trial stage for her father was the most difficult stage of confrontation.

And she continued: “Getting the father in prison was not easy, but the spirit of the country was the most difficult.”

Raghad believed that the status of Iraq is known to everyone. She said, “It is not a secret that her country went through very bad stages after the occupation. And that the Iraqis have gone through great difficulties, not just at the state level.

Saddam Hussein’s daughter said in her interview that Iraqis were living in better conditions during her father’s rule before the invasion and war.

Speaking about freedoms during Saddam’s time, Raghad said that freedom is freedom, and that all the slogans that came after the occupation brought freedom. They are incorrect.

She added, “Iraq is not a normal country in its location, its military capacity, nor its ability to make decisions.”

She explained: “It is the balance of the region and it is the eastern guardian gate of the region, and it is easy to live in prosperity without being bothered by others, and wars are what anyone loves.”

Raghad also said that her father was not a war lover. But he was being forced to make a decision out of his moral responsibility towards his country and its interest.

The division of Iraq

Raghad answered, in response to a question: Is she concerned about the division of Iraq?

By saying that she is very anxious about this stage and that she does not wish to see this day.

She explained that this concern “is a string that is being played from time to time, and it is one of the options on the political scene.”

She added that each stage has a deal, but dividing Iraq in all stages is not likely and is not correct.

Iranian intervention in Iraq

Regarding the Iranian interference in Iraq and in a number of other Arab countries, Raghad Saddam Hussein said that the Iranians “abused Iraq after an absence. Real authority and legitimacy of the country.

And she continued: “They violated the country and Iraq became for them an easy place, without real deterrence.”

She added, “Iraq should not lose its role in the arena, and what has become in the region as a whole, through Iranian intervention in many Arab countries.”

And about the broadcaster’s talk to her that at the time of communication sites everyone expresses his opinion and there are opinions saying that Raghad is portraying herself in some position?

Raghad said that Iraq is the country of Iraqis, and when I picture myself in this way, it is not a mistake.

And the daughter of the former Iraqi president went on to say that she had a normal and beautiful childhood, and that she went out on trips sometimes with her father.

She explained that she did not support the cruelty of decisions, and that there were decisions that required a bit of cruelty.

She said that her father was not only affectionate with them as his children, but with all Prime Time Zone, and he was affectionate with all citizens.

Childhood Raghad Saddam Hussein

About her childhood stage and her relationship with her brothers Uday and Qusay, she said that she was close to them in their childhood, and her sisters were always afraid of her.

And about why Raghad was the one who played the role of defending her father, and she said that because she is the eldest among her sisters.

And that this hierarchy is respected, and that her sisters and mother have great confidence in her.

Because as she said, “Because I carry the genes, the father followed, I have great stamina, and I have the ability and wisdom to manage, and when they leave their father’s case in my hands, they trust their sister.”

Raghad went on to say that her sisters were wonderful mothers, and they kept their families in an excellent way.

Raghad said that there is no jealousy of her sisters from her being the one who has this charisma derived from her father, the leader.

And about the relationship and dealings between her and her father and her sisters, she said that her father did not shout at anyone, and that he did not punish anyone except Uday and Qusay, and it rarely happens.

She said that her father was waking up at 6 in the morning and was going out to work, and that her mother was a school principal.

Raghad Saddam added that one time her father was on time for his nap to rest after returning from work.

He was greatly annoyed, but he did nothing harshly against his sons, and he told them, “Boys, you have ruined the rest time.”

Memories and wife of the President of Belarus

Regarding the memories, Raghad said that one year she was in university and her mother was traveling due to a family circumstance that belonged to her brother Uday.

So the wife of the President of the State of Belarus visited them, and she was in the university, and her mother was not present, and her absence came as a surprise, and it became that she would deputize for her mother.

Because she grew up in a political house, she managed to deal with the situation, and she, in turn, received the wife of the Belarusian president.

Raghad indicated that there was no political role for her or her mother in the affairs of Iraq, and that she personally was against politics.

She emphasized that she did not need politics at all, and that, as she said, she grew up among “giants” who felt safe among them and that she did not want this political role between them.

She added that at the beginning she felt forced into political action, because when life passes through exceptional circumstances, personalities change.

And she continued, explaining: “At first, I felt that I was on a road that was not mine, and I felt lost, and when the occupation took place. I did not have a role, neither the first nor before it. Until the father was arrested

“Here, I came to the fore and became a decision-maker in this regard, and the decision I must make, and she bears all this role.”

Can Raghd play a bigger role in the next stage politically?

Raghad Saddam Hussein responded to the broadcaster’s question that everything is possible, and all options are on the scene.

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Raghad Saddam Hussein reveals why you did not see the moment of her father’s execution until today?  |  A nation is tweeting out of tune