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“Ramez is mentally ill” .. Is this the program of Ramez Jalal for the upcoming Ramadan season? | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Activists on social media circulated the poster of the Egyptian artist Ramez Jalal’s program, entitled “Ramez is mentally ill,” which is expected to be shown during the upcoming Ramadan season.

“Ramez is a psychopath”

Ramez Jalal appeared in the poster rolling under the name “Ramez is a psychopath” with white hair, his foot torn, and accompanied by a wild and terrifying dog.

However, a source within mbc channels confirmed that this poster is fake and not real.

“A man went astray”

Ramez Jalal did not hint at his next work in any way, and his latest activities were on social media, when he congratulated his brother, actor Yasser Jalal, on his new Ramadan series “Away Ragel”, scheduled to be shown in Ramadan 2021.

And Ramez Jalal published the poster of the series “A Ragel,” and commented on it: “A thousand congratulations, my dear brother, and may God complete it well and complete it with concealment.”

Poster strayed man

The Egyptian actress, Nermin El-Feki, sparked widespread controversy on social networking sites a few weeks ago, after she suggested to the public that she was the first victim of Ramez Jalal.

This came after Nermin Al-Feki published a picture of her on “Instagram”, in which she appeared with Ramez Jalal while pointing her two fingers with a sign of victory.

Nermin’s facial features indicate that she was exposed to a big prank, while Ramez was laughing his usual laugh after catching the victims of his prank programs.

I drank the prank!

Nermin also commented on the picture, saying: “The mold of Ramez … and I drank the mold.”

The audience believed that the picture was part of the scenes of the Ramadan landfill program, which the artist Ramez Jalal is preparing for showing next Ramadan.

What added to the complication is that Nermin al-Feki did not reveal any other details about the image.

The prank is fabricated

Comments poured in on the photo of Nermin Faki, and followers accused her of exposing the fabrication of the plot.

They suggested that her colleagues would call her to obtain from her the details of the Ramez Jalal landfill program in Ramadan 2021.

The truth of the picture

Looking for the truth of the picture, it turns out that she is one of the scenes of the “Ramez plays with fire” program, which was filmed in Morocco and was shown 5 years ago.

And during the episode of Nermin al-Feki, artist Edward collaborated with Ramez Jalal to convince her of the plot.

Edward is next to Nermin to control it and ease the shock that begins with the fire in the room.

In another context, Ramez Jalal was subjected to the last period of trial on charges of stealing the idea of ​​one of his prank programs. Writer Hiyam Selim claimed that he had stolen the idea from her after she showed it to him, and she was surprised that the program was actually implemented without referring to it, but the court acquitted Ramez of the theft charge.

Ramez Jalal also resumed filming his new movie “Skeleton”, which is co-starring Ghada Adel.

It is worth noting that Ramez Jalal was famous for his presentation of landfill programs during the month of Ramadan, the last of which was “Ramez Majnun Official” last Ramadan.

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