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Today, Monday, the young Egyptian actress, Jamila Awad, fell victim to the 19th episode of Ramiz Jalal’s landfill program this year, “Ramez Akle Flew”, inside the grand amusement park in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, under the auspices of the Entertainment Authority.

Ramez Jalal harasses the artist, Jamila Awad

Ramez Jalal started mocking Jamila Awad and her clothes during her reception, as is his habit with most of the guests.

Ramez said, “A rebel, although she may roar, the mind of the creativity of an inch and a half of the acting, the star who has turned the cuff, a spiked biscuit).

Ramez Jalal mocked a beautiful look, saying: (Oh, black day, uh, this dress, you are going to Cairo Jazz, what is in your hands, this is a joy, no bag, or a need for living.)

And he continued his mockery: (And the pants are cut off, you were suffocating, and what is the throat you had, this is an earring, not a shirt button.)

Ramez was also shown carrying out inappropriate actions with Jamila Awad in the “rubber bullets” segment, where he deliberately targeted her buttocks with bullets.

This prompted Jamila Awad to stop the passage and excitement and sit on the ground, indicating that she was very painful from the blows and that she was being targeted in sensitive places.

Jamila Awad in the Hop Doroob capsule

She has the horror of Jamila in the paragraph (The Hop Paths capsule), where she was shown extreme tension and fear and entered into a fit of hysterical screaming, before Ramez and his accompanying team surprised her that she would jump into the pool.

With the artist Ramez Jalal’s constant attempts to provoke her, and the capsule was disrupted, Jamila Awad started screaming (In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful).

And increased her fear, Ramez Jalal pretended that he was crazy, to his surprise, he sprayed her with the fire extinguisher and shouted in her ear.

Jamila Awad’s reaction after discovering the mold of Ramez Jalal

Before he opens the door of the capsule while it is hanging in the air, everyone is terrified, and at the end he and his aides throw it out of the capsule and she is screaming.

The reaction of the young artist, Jamila Awad, came after discovering the mold of the artist, Ramez Jalal, in the broadcast program on the channel “mbc Egypt”, which is very comical.

The young artist, Jamila Awad, entered into a fit of constant laughter after discovering the mold of the artist Ramez Jalal.

Who is Jamila Awad?

It is noteworthy that Jamila Awad was born on April 6, 1991. She grew up in an artistic family. Her father is the film director Adel Awad, her mother is the Lebanese actress Randa, and her grandfather is the late comedian Mohamed Awad.

Jamila graduated from the Faculty of Media and began her artistic career with the role of (Hania) in the series “Under Control” in 2015, and achieved through her first roles great success and wide fame.

While her first film work was the movie (Hepta) in 2016. Also among the films she participated in: (From 30 years old, Love and Dawaren, the guest).

Among the series she presented: (A crime of passion, do not put out the sun, except for me).

Jamila Awad previously collaborated with Ramez Jalal in the movie (Seven Baramba) 2019.

Her first movie starring was the movie (Girls Secondary), which was released in theaters last year. She is also participating in the current Ramadan season 2021 through the role of Tamara in the series (Civil War) with the great star Yusra.

The star, Ramez Jalal, continues to present his annual adventures through his dumps, and this year he presents the program (Ramez Aqilah Flew), in cooperation with the General Authority for Entertainment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The plot begins with the program team hosting one of the stars of art, sports or media, where it is delivered to a place in the city of Riyadh, where it is exposed to an unexpected adventure, and from here begins the excitement and terror of the guest, which increases his fear and fear.

In the program, the guest is invited by the Saudi artist Hassan Asiri and the journalist Sarah Murad.

Asiri begins on a tour with the artist in one of the Saudi amusement parks that bears the name (Buzz Land).

The guest begins by playing some games for entertainment, then comes the role of “Murad”, which brings the guest together with one of the audience, Ramez Jalal, who is disguised as an “Indian”, after she convinces the guest that it is a random choice.

Then the guest, accompanied by Ramez, enters one of the vehicles in the amusement park, which is raised significantly with a guest while it continues to vibrate.

And the prank starts the vehicle constantly moving randomly at a huge height, terrifying the guest.

Ramez continues to harass him by spraying foul odors, hitting him, and opening the fires, until he opens the vehicle and throws the guest into the water.

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