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As every year and before the start of the Ramadan season, speculation begins at times and leaks at other times, about the Ramez Jalal landfill program, which the public is accustomed to during the month of Ramadan, and this time it is talking about the filming of the program in Saudi Arabia.

Ramez Jalal in Saudi Arabia

“IT Arabic” program, citing sources in the program, revealed that Ramez Jalal is filming a program in Saudi Arabia, by luring his victims this time in a hotel.

Ramez Jalal is in a closed camp in a hotel in Saudi Arabia to film the program.

The idea is vague

The idea of ​​the dumps of Ramez Jalal for this season is still a mystery.

The sources stated that Ramez Jalal inflicted a number of football and art stars in the program, including Ahmed Saad and Wizo.

The mbc channel is expected to resolve the controversy over the Ramez Jalal program and his idea within days, through a press conference in which the details of the program will be revealed.

“Ramez is mentally ill.”

During the recent period, activists circulated on social networking sites an alleged poster for the program of the Egyptian artist, Ramez Jalal, entitled “Ramez is mentally ill,” which is expected to be shown during the upcoming Ramadan season.

For his part, a source in the mbc channel said, in a press statement, “This poster is fake and not real, and of course it is not the official poster of the program that is scheduled to be shown during the coming month of Ramadan.”

In a statement to her, mbc said: There is no prank program named “Ramiz is mentally ill, and he described the words of festivals singer Ali Kaddoura as incorrect and did not depart from being a“ Hazar ”and mere laughing comic. With the aim of attracting attention and riding the trend, especially since the Ramez Jalal program is on top of the attention of viewers in all parts of the Arab world.

“Guests get their material rights.”

She pointed out that all the guests of the Ramez Jalal program, which is shown during the Ramadan season, receive their full material rights. Contrary to the agreement always concluded with the guests of the landfill program, not to publish any anecdotes or details related to the program. After filming, the episodes will be shown in Ramadan, in addition to obtaining express consent from the guests to broadcast the episodes without objection.

The organizers of the Ramez program, which is presented annually in the month of Ramadan, are still keeping all the details of it and its content hidden.

Ali Kaddoura

Ali Qaddoura revealed his participation in the new Ramez Jalal program in Ramadan 2021.

He confirmed that the program bears the name “Ramiz, a psychopath,” and that he demanded that his episode not be broadcast.

He said, “Ramez Jalal has hosted a large number of festivals. Stressing that he learned after his return that the program’s management granted some financial rewards, while he photographed for free.

Later, Ali Kaddoura retracted his previous statements regarding his participation in the new Ramez Jalal program, revealing that he had requested not to broadcast his episode.

Kaddoura said, via a live broadcast through his official Facebook account, “As for Elif regarding my participation in the program (Ramiz Majnun Official), I was a buzzar.”

He added, “I am originally a participant group and I used to be a woozer seriously, and all the Prime Time Zone know that I am a mushroom.”

The Egyptian actress, Nermin El-Feki, sparked widespread controversy on social networking sites weeks ago, after she suggested to the public that she was the first victim of Ramez Jalal.

This came after Nermin Al-Feki published a picture of her on “Instagram”, in which she appeared with Ramez Jalal while pointing her two fingers with a sign of victory.

Nermin’s facial features indicate that she has been subjected to a major prank. While Ramez was laughing his usual laugh after hunting the victims of his prank programs.

Nermin also commented on the picture, saying: “The mold of Ramez … and I drank the mold.”

The audience believed that the picture was part of the scenes of the Ramadan landfill program, which the artist Ramez Jalal is preparing for showing next Ramadan. What added to the complication is that Nermin al-Feki did not reveal any other details about the image.

The prank is fabricated

Comments poured in on the photo of Nermin Faki, and followers accused her of exposing the fabrication of the plot. They suggested that her colleagues would call her to obtain from her the details of the Ramez Jalal landfill program in Ramadan 2021.

Looking for the truth of the picture, it turns out that she is one of the scenes of the “Ramez plays with fire” program, which was filmed in Morocco and was shown 5 years ago.

And during the episode of Nermin al-Feki, artist Edward collaborated with Ramez Jalal to convince her of the plot.

Edward is next to Nermin to control it and ease the shock that begins with the fire in the room.

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