Rami Makhlouf’s son hangs out with looted Syrians money with an Israeli model (video)


In a video that caused a sensation among Syrians on social media, Ali, the son of Rami Makhlouf, a Syrian businessman and cousin of Bashar al-Assad, appeared. He wanders the streets of America with an Israeli model

The reason for this video and its spread was a dialogue between the American YouTuber Daniel Mack and an unknown wealthy person he met in one of the most important shopping streets in California. And who usually meets the wealthy and asks them about their source of livelihood.

Daniel Mack did not know that the clip, which he published on the third of October, would cause a great stir in the Middle East, specifically in Syria. Exhausted by the civil war that has been going on for nearly a decade.

Rami Makhlouf’s son

Syrian activists have noticed that the handsome young man is driving a Ferrari 488 Spyder with 670 horsepower. The price of which ranges between 260 thousand and 330,000 US dollars, is none other than Ali, the son of the Syrian businessman Rami Makhlouf, the cousin of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

As for the girl who was sitting next to him, activists said she was the Israeli model who resides in Los Angeles, Michel Idan (21 years).

Rami Makhlouf’s son

It is noteworthy that Makhlouf the father has been one of the economic pillars of the Syrian regime for decades, and owns “Syriatel,” the largest telecommunications company in Syria. In addition to stakes in the electricity, oil, real estate and banking sectors.

The Syrians accuse him of looting their money, taking advantage of his kinship with the Assad family. Note that recently there has been a conflict between the two parties over money and taxes.

Makhlouf’s son’s video with the Israeli model

The video caused a sensation, and many active Syrians expressed on social media their annoyance about the “parade” and “loitering”. Makhlouf’s son accused of “the looted Syrians’ money.”

One of them said that the price of the car was able to sustain thousands of destitute Syrians for months, and another noticed that the price of the pants he was wearing. (more than $1,300) the equivalent of the salary of more than 50 senior Syrian officials or a few hundred regular employees, one of whom is required to save up to five years of work salary to collect.

For his part, Syrian activist and media figure Omar Madaniah tweeted: “Assad and his entourage stole Syria and their children are living in luxury, in return for the shabiha of al-Assad. They are killed in order to defend Assad and go to hell while their children are below the poverty line.”

The Syrian journalist Faisal al-Qasim also wrote: “Oh supporters (of the Assad regime) on the sacrificed Syrian coast. You have given your livers as martyrs on the altar of the Al-Buhrzi family. Feast your eyes on Rami Makhlouf’s son as he drives a Ferrari in Los Angeles, the land of imperialism and Zionism.”

He continued: “They laugh at you with slogans of resistance while they are in the arms of imperialism. You will die of hunger while they trade in your children and your livelihood.”

And he continued in another tweet: “This is Ali, son of Rami Makhlouf, may God sanctify his secret, driving a Ferrari in the US state of Los Angeles, accompanied by his imperial girlfriend. There is no doubt that you remember what Rami Makhlouf said at the beginning of the revolution, that the security of Israel is part of the security of the Syrian regime.”

Faisal Al-Qasim added: “To the honesty, it is credited to the Syrian regime that, for 50 years, it managed to deceive us with the lie of the conflict with imperialism and Zionism, and then we discovered after half a century that he is the largest agent of Zionism in the region. Michel Aidan.”

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