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Egyptian journalist Ramy Radwan recounted a strange situation that happened to him during the passage of the coffin of his father-in-law, the late artist Samir Ghanem.

Rami Radwan: I got goose bumps

Ramy Radwan said during the episode of the evening program dmc presented on the DMC satellite channel, that while he was at the funeral of the artist Samir Ghanem, he decided to ride his own car to be behind the car that carried the body of the late artist.

And Rami Radwan continued: (I turned on the Holy Quran Radio, and suddenly I heard the noble verse that says, “O reassured soul, return to your Lord, satisfied with the satisfaction,” coinciding with the exit of the body from the car, and I felt a shudder in my body at the time.)

Azhari advocate explains

Dr. Usama Al-Azhari responded to Rami Radwan, saying: (It is from the guidance and Sunnah of the Prophet that the noble Prophet used to love omen, then if he went out, he heard a good word related to a matter coming to him and he would be glad about it, and he did not like pessimism, and therefore you have to seek good, and this is this A Sunnah on the authority of the Noble Prophet, and we always look at the positive side, for it is a sign and a message from the Almighty – the Almighty).

Al-Azhari continued: (The good news that we present as a gift today to every Egyptian household has missed a person because of Corona, as a martyr has left your house and intercedes for seventy of his household.)

Al-Azhari cited the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad, adding: (Because the Chosen One, may God bless him and grant him peace, said to his companions, “You do not count the martyr in you. He is a martyr, and whoever dies for the sake of God is a martyr, and the owner of the plague is a martyr, the owner of stomach disease is a martyr, and the drowned person is a martyr.)

Dalal Abdulaziz is in a fierce stage

And Rami Radwan has previously revealed the latest developments in the health of his mother-in-law, the actress Dalal Abdulaziz, stressing that it is still critical, and suffers from the effects of the Corona virus.

Rami Radwan said that the post-Corona stage that Dalal Abdel Aziz is going through is more fierce than the period of infection itself.

Rami Radwan indicated that the family concealed for Dalal Abdel Aziz the news of the death of her husband, artist Samir Ghanem, adding: (But her heart is sensitive and she always asks us about it, and we used to invent more than one scenario to convince her of it).

The Egyptian journalist explained that they disconnected the television from Dalal Abdulaziz on the day of his death, and claimed that a technical problem was behind shutting it down, and that they will not be able to operate it now.

Samir Ghanem’s family returned to colored clothes

He continued: (There is no chance to mourn the death of Samir, as we all wear colorful clothes as much as possible, the star Hassan Al-Raddad and I are always with them, but the departure of the father does not compensate him).

Rami Radwan denounced what some Prime Time Zone think that their life is a series, and that it has no difficulties, and this is the opposite of the truth, adding: (Donia Samir Ghanem and her sister Amy, they cannot cry in front of their mother, and they did not wear black clothes until their mother did not discover that her husband had passed away. We tell her that his condition has improved and that he is fine, which is why they have been with her for a very long time.)

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Rami Radwan revealed that despite her health condition, what concerns Dalal Abdel Aziz is the continuity of her charitable work that she carries out in terms of aid, adding: (My love until now and she is in a moment of illness and fatigue. To announce).

The departure of Samir Ghanem

It is noteworthy that Samir Ghanem passed away last Thursday afternoon, at the age of 84, affected by the Corona virus.

His funeral took place last Friday from the Al-Moshir Mosque in the Fifth Settlement, and a large number of stars participated in the funeral, including Yusra and Ilham Shaheen.

The artist Adel Imam was satisfied with sending his son, the director, to Rami Imam, to offer condolences, and he was unable to attend in person despite his friendship with the late Samir Ghanem.

The local newspaper (Ahl Masr) quoted a source close to the leader as saying that Adel Imam’s health condition does not allow him to be present at any funeral or wedding ceremony.

The source indicated that Adel Imam suffers from aging diseases currently, and that is why he was not able to attend the condolences of Samir Ghanem, and the doctors treating him are keen to provide a good atmosphere for him and not to mix with any congestion for fear of being infected with the Corona virus, or any other infection, because his immunity is weak. very.

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