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The Egyptian artist, Ramy Sabry, expressed his anger at the “excesses and abuses” of his brother, the artist Karim Sabry, who died by drowning a few days ago at the age of 34.

Ramy Sabry: (The trend will not benefit you before God)

In a lengthy post on his Facebook account, which he started with an appeal to the President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, Ramy Sabry wrote: (I am appealing to His Excellency / President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in the name of humanity and as the father of every Egyptian youth, and I appeal to our great Egyptian state with its just laws and provisions, which protect us from The evil of the malicious word and psychological harm, and a request from the Supreme Council of the Press and Information and the House of Representatives to put an end to the transgressions that fall upon us from everyone who is allowed to enter into our personal lives).

Ramy Sabry continued: (I demand laws be put in place or activated if there are laws that I am ignorant of, and penalties should be imposed on anyone who transgresses and interferes in the smallest details of our private lives. The illegal one you dealt with.

Sabri attacked some forums and news sites, saying: (In the death of my brother Karim Sabri, they did not respect the sanctity of the dead, nor the feelings of a mother and father, and unjustified defamation of my brother Karim’s reputation, and by extension, the reputation of my honorable family in the height of our pain and calamity. Adam, neither religion nor humanity accepts what we have healed.

And he continued: (I am very, very upset by some journalists and sites that are supposed to be respectable. Unfortunately, I was shocked by them! Every site and forum that wrongly abused wrongfully will be boycotted and held accountable for defamation and indulging in inappropriate symptoms and accusations, and I am confident in the integrity and justice of the Egyptian judiciary).

Rami Sabri concluded his message: (Fear God in your profession and in your words and actions. Trends will not benefit you one day when we quarrel with you before God in what you said to the Generous, may God have mercy on him. He was the first to pray for him, and mention the merits of your dead, O believers).

A drug addict escaped from the sanitarium!

The brother of the Egyptian artist, Ramy Sabry, died last Monday after drowning in the Mariouteya Canal in Badrashin City, Giza Governorate, Egypt.

Investigations revealed that Rami Sabry’s late brother was suffering from drug addiction, and his father transferred him to a sanatorium in Badrashin, a day before his death, for treatment.

Investigations added, according to what was reported by (Al-Masry Al-Youm) newspaper, that Karim Sabry escaped from the sanatorium and tried to bypass the Mariouteya Canal, but he drowned, and some families failed.

The security services of the Giza Security Directorate had received a report that Ramy Sabry’s brother had drowned in the waters of the Mariouteya Canal, and officers from the Haram Investigations Department moved to the scene, and the Civil Protection was able to retrieve the body of the deceased from the water.

Investigations revealed that the deceased, Karim, the brother of the artist, Ramy Sabry, is 34 years old, and he escaped only one day after his admission to the clinic.

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Investigations concluded that Karim Sabri’s family admitted him to the sanatorium, claiming treatment for addiction, but he refused to be there, so the workers were unaware and fled, drowned, and died.

It was also found that the sanatorium did not have a license to operate from the Ministry of Health, so legal measures were taken against its owner and staff.

A report was issued and referred to the Public Prosecution Office, which examined the body and authorized its burial, and ordered the security services to complete investigations into the incident.

Ramy Sabry mourns his brother

Ramy Sabry posted a picture of his brother (Karim) through his account on the (Instagram) website, commenting: (He passed away, to God’s mercy, my dear brother and beloved Karim Sabry. We pray to God to have mercy on him and forgive him).

The artist, Shatha, was the first to announce the news of the death of Rami Sabry’s brother, Karim Sabry, and wrote through her official account on (Twitter):

And Shatha added: (We belong to God and to Him we shall return. There is no useful word to be said, but God is true, as it is said. The son of death, may God have mercy on you, O Karim, and give patience to your family and friends, O Lord).

Who is Karim Sabri?

It is worth noting that the late Karim Sabry is also a singer and composer, like his brother Ramy Sabry, a student at the Institute of Dramatic Arts.

Karim Sabry’s first national song was in 2011, entitled (Egyptian Original), after which he presented a romantic single entitled (From the Day of Our Parting).

Karim Sabry returned to present patriotic songs, and he released a single titled (Mesh Just Neel), which is one of his tunes and lyrics by Brigadier General Mohamed Heikal, and distributed by Amir Samir.

As for the last song presented by Ramy Sabry’s brother, it was last June about the June 30 revolution, and he put it on his YouTube page.

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