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Egyptian actress Rania Youssef faces accusations of imitating her compatriot Yasmine Sabry, after publishing her latest photos while spending her summer vacation in Spain.

Rania Youssef: Start your morning with a smile

Rania Youssef appeared in the photos that she posted on her official account on (Instagram), while she was eating in a restaurant in Spain, wearing a summer dress exposed from the top.

Rania commented on the photo, saying: (Start your morning with a smile).

Some followers accused Rania Youssef of imitating Yasmine Sabry, who published a similar picture a day before, while she was also eating in an Italian restaurant, where she was spending her summer vacation with her husband, Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima.

Yasmine Sabry and Georgina

And Yasmine Sabry, in turn, is accused of imitating the Spanish model (Georgina Rodriguez), the girlfriend of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

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And that is after Yasmine Sabry shared her fans and followers with photos through her account on Twitter and Instagram, while she was inside the lunch in a place in Italy.

Yasmine Sabry also appeared in other pictures in a short classic dress in black while spending her summer vacation in Italy.

Yasmine did not attach the pictures to any comment, except for a heart emoji in yellow.

Yasmine faced comments accusing her of imitating Georgina, such as: (Georgina is happy with you), (sweeter than Georgina), (You will not become Georgina).

Rania Youssef: Convert from religion whatever you want

Returning to Rania, the artist has again stirred controversy with her summer clothes, which she wears while on vacation at the sea.

Rania Youssef published a set of photos a few days ago through her official account on (Instagram), wearing a transparent red dress that resembles a cashmere swimsuit.

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Rania’s comment added to the controversy, when she wrote: “Wear as much as you like, and embrace religion. God will connect you.. Know that the faults of minds and consciences are more ugly than the faults of bodies.. Hold on to humanity and liberate itself in its vastness. Forgive the one who offended you, because ignorance has worn him out and blinded him with premeditation and premeditation.

Islam is a red line

Followers saw that Rania Youssef calls on her audience to open up to her way, and to abandon the teachings of the Islamic religion, and the comments stated: (By God, the faults of the mind are more ugly than the faults of the body!! Where is religion in the text? In the name of emancipating thought in contradiction to religion, here is a red line.

Another wrote: (God suffices me and is the best agent in this Prime Time Zone who analyzes his moods).

A follower commented: (Oh, you don’t take off, don’t wear and write. Look at my sweetness. Look at my beauty and salvation!!! What strange preaching required him to do, which is not at all in place and which spits out bitterness).

Rania Youssef did not wake up

Since the beginning of the summer, Rania Youssef has been deliberately provoking controversy among her followers by publishing hot and daring photos of her that put her under the law, especially after what happened with the Tik Tok girls in Egypt, the affection of Adham and Hanin Hosam.

Rania Youssef, through her official accounts, published a sexy photo of her a few days ago, which showed her on a beach wearing a daring dress that revealed most of her body.

These pictures were presented by Rania to severe criticism from her followers, who accused her of spreading debauchery through the communication sites.

While some called for her to be held accountable according to the law, as happened with Hanin Hosam, who became the talk of public opinion in Egypt, pointing out that everyone should be equal before the law.

An activist wrote: (What is the difference between Haneen Hosam and Rania Youssef, because this is a 10-year sentence, and every year, Aisha on the planet is attacked by us more?).

While Karim wrote: (Haneen Hosam and the affection of Al-Adham are exactly like you. I hope the end will be like them, because you deserve this and more).

Rania Youssef’s phone hacked

It is noteworthy that last week, the Egyptian artist, Rania Youssef, announced that she had been hacked to her account on the WhatsApp application, which is considered a penetration of her phone, according to technical experts.

Rania Youssef announced this through the (Al Astori) feature on her official Instagram account.

She warned all her friends and those who hold her number against dealing with the hacker or answering any requests from him.

And she wrote what read: (To all my friends who have my number.. My WhatsApp has been hacked, and no one ever deals with any conversation or any requests via the number).

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