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The Egyptian actress, Rania Youssef, raised the controversy again with a bold appearance through her accounts on social networking sites.

(Every joy you make will come back to you!)

Rania Youssef appeared in the photo that she published on her official account on Twitter, wearing a (hot shorts), with a very narrow T-shirt and an open back.

Rania commented on her picture: (Every joy you make for others will return to you and it is more beautiful).

Rania Youssef was attacked and criticized by her followers, and one of them reminded her of the Hereafter, saying: (A question, but without prolonging it, is that you think that you are immortal, you will not die? The idea is that you will die and you will ask on the Day of Resurrection about your appearance and your actions, fear God).

Hani Shaker’s message

And he sent the last message to the captain of musicians, artist Hani Shaker, and wrote: (Do you see what I see??

And a tweeter commented: (Give a little bit, Rania, not like that. I respect your age, your religion, and the community in respected actresses, so let me have nothing permanent to give from them).

Another noted the tattoo on Rania’s shoulder, and wrote: (Is this education… tattoos on the body… and naked flesh for every passerby… and a comparison between the rear, so be careful from hell).

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Another opinion agreed with him, saying: (I saw the tattoo as a flaw, not that much).

Another asked her to respect her age and said: (By God, he is great, not other than him, or anything from this, but he dressed you with a disgusting diligence that does not make you fit for your age or your religion).

Rania Youssef’s picture in hot shorts came just days after she shared a leaflet containing pictures of harassers, as part of a campaign to expose harassers in Egypt, with the increase in cases of harassment in the country during the last period.

Through the “Story” feature of Instagram, on her official account, the artist, Rania Youssef, shared pictures of harassers published by the feminist “Speak / Y” initiative to support victims of violence in all its forms.

In a comment attached to the photos, the initiative said: “During the last period, many harassers and rapists were arrested because of the surveillance cameras.”

And she added: “The victims were a little boy, a 7-year-old girl, a 9-year-old girl who was looking at her building, another one who was playing in the entrance to her house, one sitting in a metro, microbus, and bus, and one wearing wide clothing and a headscarf, one walking on the street, and one at the airport.”

And she considered that all the justifications that are said of those who justify the harassment show the opposite in front of Prime Time Zone in the crimes documented in the video; However, there are criminals who are able to justify, for no other reason than because they are also harassers!.According to the initiative

She said that random incidents that appear in front of Prime Time Zone are a small part of the daily life of every girl in Egypt; Whatever her age/dress/shape. She asked: Can you imagine the horror?

Rania Youssef threatens harassers

The artist, Rania Youssef, had previously submitted a report to the Internet investigations against her harassers on the social networking site Twitter, and said that she had received many messages containing indecent words that she submitted to the security services.

She said she will continue to chase and expose all her harassers by publishing their names and personal photos.

Rania Youssef said during televised interviews: “I will expose all the harassers and every day I will post pictures of 5 harassers on the social media and reveal their names so that everyone knows the crimes they are committing.”

Rania Youssef, Jawhara and (The Neighbor’s Girl)

In another context, Rania previously performed an exciting dance link with the Russian dancer, Jawhara.

Where the dancer, Jawhara, published through the Al-Astory feature on her account on (Instagram), several short videos, during which she appeared dancing with Rania Youssef on the song (Bint Al Jeeran), for festival singers Hassan Shakoush and Omar Kamal.

Johara appeared in the videos in two dance suits, on one occasion, surrounded by the audience, including Rania Youssef, who took part in the dance, while she was wearing a very tight and short dress, in black and white.

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A video was also spread on social media of a dance link for Rania during a new concert performed by the artist Ruby on the North Coast.

Video clips appeared showing Rania Youssef slouching and dancing in a tight dress that exposed the chest area, to the tune of Ruby’s song “My Heart is Plastic”, which sparked controversy.

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