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The Egyptian actress, Rania Youssef, participated in a publication containing pictures of harassers, as part of a campaign to expose harassers in Egypt, with the increase in cases of harassment in the country during the last period.

Rania Youssef publishes pictures of harassers

Through the “Story” feature of Instagram, on her official account, the artist, Rania Youssef, shared pictures of harassers published by the feminist “Speak / Y” initiative to support victims of violence in all its forms.

In a comment attached to the photos, the initiative said: “During the last period, many harassers and rapists were arrested because of the surveillance cameras.”

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And she added: “The victims were a young boy, a 7-year-old girl, a 9-year-old girl who was looking at her building, another one who was playing in the entrance to her house, one sitting in a metro, microbus, and bus, and one wearing wide clothing and a headscarf, one walking on the street, and one at the airport.”

And she considered that all the justifications that are said of those who justify the harassment show the opposite in front of Prime Time Zone in the crimes documented in the video; However, there are criminals who are able to justify, for no other reason than because they are also harassers!.According to the initiative

She said that random incidents that appear in front of Prime Time Zone are a small part of the daily life of every girl in Egypt; Whatever her age/dress/shape. She asked: Can you imagine the horror?

Rania Youssef threatens harassers

The artist, Rania Youssef, had previously submitted a report to the Internet investigations against her harassers on the social networking site Twitter, and said that she had received many messages containing indecent words that she submitted to the security services.

She said she will continue to chase and expose all her harassers by publishing their names and personal photos.

Rania Youssef said during televised interviews: “I will expose all the harassers, and every day I will post pictures of 5 harassers on the social media and reveal their names so that everyone knows the crimes they commit.”

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