Reasons for Kushner’s absence from the Conservative Conference and his father-in-law, Trump, left him alone | A nation is tweeting out of tune


US media revealed the reasons for the absence of former US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, from the recent Conservative conference. Which is a milestone for the man who held Kushner as his special advisor for four years.

Kushner’s absence is noteworthy

CNN said Trump’s son-in-law missed last week’s Conservative political action conference. Which raised many questions about the subject.

It was remarkable that Kushner was not even specifically included in the list of advisers who helped Trump during the conference.

This comes even though Kushner previously held the position of senior advisor and partial director with great responsibilities, especially with regard to Israel, normalization, and the deal of the century.

In the context, CNN quoted sources who had a presence in the White House during the Trump era, as saying that the absence of Kushner comes in order to “preserve relations between them.”

“At the moment, Kushner has gone out of politics, while his wife, Ivanka Trump, recently told her friends and colleagues not to say anything about Washington,” the sources said.

And asked the American Network: “Does Kushner attend when achieving victories and is absent at the time of losses?”

Kushner is having some fun

The network quoted “a person closely related to Kushner,” as saying; Trump’s son-in-law is enjoying “some much-needed time with his family.” And that his withdrawal has nothing to do with the decline in the popularity of the former president.

Since 2017, when Trump’s healthcare plan faltered and failed, Kushner and his family have been on the slopes of Aspen, Colorado.

And in 2018, they were vacationing in Florida amid a government shutdown, despite the White House’s insistence that Kushner was actively leading the negotiations.

And in 2019, when Trump was criticized for a variety of issues, from background checks to comments about Jews and Democrats, the couple were on hiatus in Wyoming.

It’s something even Trump noticed in a tweet of a photo of them on vacation.

Break between Kushner and Trump

CNN commented by saying; It is not clear who is instigating the split between Kushner and Trump.

According to sources close to Trump, the latter is angry at his son-in-law over losing the election.

It also quoted another source as saying; Kushner wants a new conclusion and beginning, one that does not include counseling his father-in-law on a daily basis.

As for two other sources, they confirmed to the network that “the division was incited by Trump, who was telling those in his close circle that he was angry with Kushner.”

Previous absence

Late last week, Kushner also missed a meeting with Trump to discuss his political future. While former advisers are at Trump’s private residence in Mara Lago, at his Palm Beach home.

The two sources stressed that Kushner’s relationship with Trump, whether he was a son-in-law or not, has collapsed since Trump’s loss in re-election.

On the other hand, other sources said; Kushner is the one who stays away, as he wants a “breather”, expecting that after a cooling off period, if Trump decides to launch the 2024 campaign, Kushner will likely return to him as an advisor.

Violation of White House rules

Earlier, the American “NBC” network revealed dangerous details about Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump collecting millions from Washington and the Middle East with corruption.

It was never intended to allow Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump to work in the White House, CNN said. Where the patronage rules exist for a reason,

He pointed out that this was not to give the unqualified relatives of the US president any jobs in the most important office in the world.

The network added: “But Jared Kushner, the son of a criminal and real estate mogul, was recently pardoned, as Jordan Leibowitz said. Director of the “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics” organization in Washington. He came to the White House from his previous position as an executive in a family business.

The network added, “His work was often focused on collecting rent for the properties he owned in the slums.”

She added: “But nevertheless, he has been mandated to solve everything from the Covid-19 pandemic to reforming justice, justice to peace. Alleged in the Middle East ”.

Kushner solved almost nothing, but was reported to have helped secure pardon for his father.

Anti-favoritism guidelines

The network indicated that it was important for Trump that Kushner and Ivanka work in the White House to the point that the Justice Department rejected guidelines to combat favoritism, the most important of which is a conflict of interest.

She said that Jared had “claimed that he did not want to be paid while working in Washington.” But our friend made more than $ 640 million in income while working in the White House.

The network acknowledged that there is still a lot it does not know about Kushner’s finances due to the way in which the Government Ethics Office disclosures are prepared. From broad income ranges and opaque holding companies, but what we know warrants pause.

According to the network, when Kushner joined the management for the first time, he did not disclose his ownership of a real estate investment company.

But he admitted, after reviews and audits, that he had obtained an equity stake ranging from $ 5 to $ 25 million.

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