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The name of the Egyptian media, Reham Saeed, topped the list of the search engine (Google) after surprising everyone by announcing her retirement from the media for good.

Reham Saeed: The owner of Palin is a liar

In a long message attached to her photo through her account on (Instagram), Reham Saeed wrote: (I thought a lot before writing this post. I retired from acting in 2015 because I felt that the owner of Palin was a liar and that acting affected the path of goodness that I started many years ago because of time and the effort he makes.

And she continued: (But my love for acting, which is my study and my first profession before the media, I came back to acting again, and I am still in the eyes of directors and producers, a broadcaster who wants to act).

Reham Saeed added: “I knew that in order to take a place as an actress, I would have to leave the media, as with the titles Dalia Al-Buhairi, Basma, Dina Fouad, Dina El-Sherbiny and others, but I was not able to leave my message, which was very important at the time).

Problems, rivals and enemies!

Reham Saeed pointed to the crises that she experienced during her work in the media, adding: (I had many problems from this profession due to the false influence of the social media from competitors and enemies because of the very high viewing and success. I am tired and I feel that I have provided everything that can progress and the state is working on it. You do not need the role of civil society in helping Prime Time Zone.

Reham Saeed confirmed that she is proud of her work in the media, and said: (But I am honored that I worked in this great profession, which has a lofty and great message, and the guardian of honor. ).

And she continued: (I, praise be to God, I achieved in acting and all that I worked with Prime Time Zone, and I worked all valuable works, but after the sugar and some other problems I decided to do what I love. Unfortunately, I announce my retirement from the media completely and focus as an actress. I will ask Dr. Ashraf Zaki to help me change the existing idea In the minds of directors and producers, I am a broadcaster.

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Reham Saeed sent a message to the Egyptian director, Kamel Abu Zekry, and said: (And a letter to Professor Kamel Abu Zekry, and it is not hidden. I want to represent you, even if this scene is one of my dreams. It is a difficult step and there is a big risk, but at least I run after my dream even when I am at this age. It is time. I enjoy what he does and loves, especially when it is in an era, or in mediation or favoritism, which will strive to reach. Don’t forget your dream no matter how late the time).

Reham Saeed concluded her message: (Thanks to my audience of mothers, youth and children who always support me and love my programs and learn from them, and by thanking our Lord for twenty years of giving me the opportunity for them to meet Prime Time Zone’s needs and provide everything that is useful. I am proud of every episode and every letter I presented 20 years of fatigue and sleeplessness. I am sorry To be, but acting is also a message, and it is my main dream, which I was very late to achieve, O Lord, help me and help me).

Reham Saeed: The contract has only expired

Last month, Reham Saeed announced the cessation of her program (Sabaya Al-Khair), stressing that the reason was not the famous Egyptian YouTuber episode (Umm Nour), as it was rumored.

Reham Saeed said in a live broadcast on her official Facebook page that the end of the program came after the end of her contract with Al-Nahar TV, as her contract was for only one year, and the contract between the two parties ended without problems, as she put it.

And Reham continued: (I was not subjected to the suspension, as it spread through the social media, and I wanted to show and explain to Prime Time Zone that I did not stop, but my contract ended with the channel, and there was no financial or professional dispute because of the Umm Nour episode, which was presented with the approval of the channel and censorship and all the parties that I reviewed before its presentation) .

Saeed continued: (I need to rest and see my children and summer, a warrior’s break, as they say until we know what is coming).

(the beauty is yet to come)

Reham promised her fans to continue communicating with them, and she said: (But the one who is coming, God willing, is sweeter and will stay true to your expectations, and I will communicate with you on my Facebook and Instagram pages, and I will see you very soon).

However, news circulating at the time confirmed that the censors in Egypt refused to show two video episodes of the Reham Saeed program, under the pretext that they contained acts of violence, which Reham Saeed did not know was holding a session with the management of (Al-Nahar) channel to end her appearance on her screen.

It is worth noting that it is not the first time that Reham Saeed has decided to retire, in 2019 she announced her retirement from the media and acting, following the obesity episode, in which she was accused of insulting heavyweights.

In August 2014, Reham Saeed announced her retirement from acting, in order to devote herself to serving the country and charitable works, as she put it at the time.

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