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An Egyptian court has closed the curtain on the case of the tiktok girl, Renad Emad, who is accused of publishing indecent content and videos, including pornographic materials, with the aim of practicing prostitution.

Renad Emad

Renad Emad’s punishment

On Tuesday, the Cairo Economic Court issued a decision to imprison Renad Emad for 3 years and a fine of 100,000 pounds. According to (Al-Masry Al-Youm) newspaper.

And the General Administration of Literature, “Menat Allah”, known as “Renad Emad”, seized inside a cafe in Dokki, owned by the son of a famous popular artist, after she was spotted presenting videos on the Tik Tok application, containing pornographic and indecent materials and sexual videos, and confessed during the investigations to her practicing prostitution. With young Prime Time Zone for a fee.

Confronting the accused, with her own videos, she admitted that she had filmed her and that she was practicing prostitution with young Prime Time Zone in exchange for sums of money.

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The accused confirmed that companies marketing clothes and shoes on social media are the reason for the spread of the wave of videos spread on social networking sites.

The accused demanded that those who exploited her and the rest of the girls be held accountable and paid them money in order to exploit them.

She said that some companies claim to be marketing clothes and shoes on social media, and are attracting girls and causing her to be imprisoned.

She admitted that her dream of fame and wealth made her fall into indecency and the swamp of vice, and that she was afraid of scandal after she was caught.

Renad Emad’s confessions in investigations

In the Public Prosecution’s investigations with her, Renad Emad said that she has no stable source of income except for her expenses from her father, who works in a mobile company in Nasr City branch, which estimated him at about 400 pounds
And about her relationship with the Tik Tok application, Renad Emad said that she only publishes her photos on the application.

She said that she sometimes shows clothes for companies on her Instagram page.


“I was surprised last June, when I was arrested while I was with a friend while we were at the opening of a café, the king of the son of a popular artist, next to the Shooting Club in Dokki, and then I was taken to the prosecution,” Renad said in the investigation.

She said that she did not receive money for her attendance at the celebration ceremony, and she disavowed the accusation against her of creating an electronic account to broadcast indecent videos on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok.

She indicated that she knows Manar Sami, and Mai Zain, the girls of Tik Tok through the application, because they are famous.

During the last period, the Egyptian authorities arrested several female activists on the Tik Tok application on charges of publishing indecent content.

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