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An English newspaper revealed that the 30-year-old Algerian international, Manchester City striker, Riyad Mahrez, was banned from driving his car for 56 days, due to his excessive speed of about 120 miles per hour in the fast streets of Manchester City.

Riyad Mahrez and over speed

And the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, reported that Riyad Mahrez was fined a fine of 2,500 pounds, in addition to a ban on driving his own car for 56 days by a judicial court in Manchester City.

And the newspaper indicated that Riyad Mahrez was driving his gray car, which is worth about 100,000 pounds, with a top speed of about 189 miles per hour, and the player committed that violation while traveling last May, south of Manchester City.

Riyad Mahrez and the second time

It is the second time that Algerian Mahrez committed the offense while driving his own car. He was banned from driving his car for six months in 2016 while he was with his former team, Leicester City, after exceeding the permissible speed by about 77 miles per hour in an area that allowed a speed of 50 miles. per hour.

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In that incident, he was fined about £900, while his lawyer went to court that the player was not able to pay that violation immediately.

His professional career

Mahrez began his career with English clubs from the Leicester City gate, which he moved to during the summer of 2015 from the French team Havre on a four-year contract, where he participated with the team 179 games, in which he scored 48 goals.

He also won the English Premier League title and the best player in the Premier League, as well as he was nominated for the Golden Ball award in October 2016.

Algerian Mahrez moved to the Manchester City team during the 2018 season, in a five-year contract, with a deal worth 60 million pounds, and is the most expensive football player in the African continent.

Mahrez was able to adapt quickly to the Manchester City team, although he remained on the bench for more than one season, but he excelled and imposed himself in the team’s starting lineup, as he participated with the team 142 games, in which he scored 39 goals in the English Premier League.

And crowned with the Manchester City team in many local championships, most notably the English Premier League title, the English Federation, the Charity Shield and others, but he failed to crown the Champions League despite the team qualified for the final against Chelsea, which beat the team with a clean goal without a response.

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