Ruby’s party for adults only raises controversy, and “Your Mother and Father” promo ignites the sites (video) A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Egyptian media reported that the artist Ruby has set one condition for her upcoming new concert in New Alamein, in which the artist Mahmoud Al-Aseeli will participate, and it will be on August 6 next.

The condition set by the organizers of Ruby’s concert this time at the El Alamein Summer Festival stipulates that the age of attendance at the ceremony must not be less than 15 years, which means that it will be for adults only.

Ruby concert ticket price

The price of tickets to attend the concert, according to the party reservations website, called “marche Tickets”, reached 500 pounds for the platinum category, the “VIP Standing” category at 1,000 pounds, and the “VIP Lounges” category at 2,000 pounds.

Ruby’s party on the North Coast

And Ruby’s first concert on the North Coast this summer, caused a great deal of controversy, as there were conditions and rules announced by the artist, Ruby, through the Story feature on her Instagram account.

One of the conditions for entering the concert was: “The minimum age for entering the party is 25 years, for couples only (cables) No hot shorts or sportswear is allowed. The turban is not allowed. Violence is not allowed. You must adhere to wearing white clothes.”

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After the controversy, Ruby explained through her Instagram account, “In a misunderstanding of the topic, the person who wrote the rolls is not intended to enter only the turbos.”

She added, “It means that the entry of veiled women is not forbidden. It is written by you that the meaning of the veil in the English language is exactly what Hot Shorts wrote, and you can confirm by phone that the veil is not forbidden.”

And the artist, Ruby, added in her clarification response about the conditions of her concert: “It is not possible to prevent any veiled woman from entering, and if something like this happens, I cannot agree or sing, thank you.”

Ruby’s new song “Your Mom and Dad”

Ruby is preparing to release her latest songs on her official YouTube channel, on August 2nd.

The song bears the name “Your Mother and Your Father”, and it is written by Mustafa Hassan, composed by Mohamed Hamza and distributed by Amin Nabil.

And Muhammad Hamza wrote on his Twitter page about the song: “God willing, you will hear one of the closest songs that I made to my heart with the beautiful star Ruby, God willing, you will love her and our energy will connect you with a white heart.”

Ruby and a new photoshoot

Recently, the artist showed off her femininity with a new photo session that she posted on her account on the Instagram photo and video exchange site.

The artist appeared in the pictures that she published wearing a black satin dress, with a shoulder and shoulder shout, and she wore open white shoes.

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The artist complemented her look with a simple hairdo and a few accessories, as she only wore a ring, a bracelet and two earrings.

Ruby brings back her famous dance

Ruby’s photo session in the short dress came days after she topped the list of the most discussed topics on social networking sites and search engines, after her dance was traded on stage at the concert she performed in Egypt at the time.

The artist appeared in the circulating video, performing her famous dance from the song (Les Badari Keda), which she performed 17 years ago and achieved her big launch, but to the tune of her new song (My Heart is Plastic).

During the ceremony, the artist wore a pink dress, with one shoulder and a wide opening on the side, and coordinated with it high-heeled shoes of the same color, and performed a number of songs from her new album (Hitta Tania), whose songs were released at the beginning of the summer holiday in a solo manner.

In another context, rumors have spread recently about the artist entering into a romantic relationship with the Egyptian producer and party arranger Walid Mansour.

After circulating a video of the duo together with a group of friends in a restaurant to celebrate the success of Ruby’s album, which she recently released after years of absence from the singing scene.

The video shows the artist embracing Walid and dancing next to him, in addition to kissing him on the cheek in an intimate way.

This video was not the first to bring together artist and producer Walid Mansour, but was preceded by the circulation of many videos and photos that monitored them together in more than one place.

Walid Mansour reveals the truth

As soon as the video was circulated, rumors spread that they were married by a customary contract, which prompted the producer to declare to local media by saying: (There is no love story or association between me and Ruby, and I treat her as a friend and I fear for her like my sister).

It is worth noting that Ruby married in 2014 the Egyptian director Sameh Abdel Aziz, and had her only daughter, Taiba, in 2015.

Then the marriage entailed several separations, and a lawsuit filed by Ruby for divorce in 2015 months after she gave birth to her daughter, until the divorce was officially signed on February 25, 2017, when the two parties announced that.

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