Ruby’s video in a bold dress exposes her to embarrassment .. What did the followers notice!


Egyptian actress Ruby sparked controversy among her followers with her latest video, where Ruby posted a video via (Instagram), in which she appeared while walking in a hotel lobby.

Ruby wore a green dress (of shoulders), which revealed her chest in a clear way.

The dress also had a side slit that revealed her entire right leg in a bold way.

Did Ruby gain weight?

Although the artists praised the artist in their comments, her fans had another opinion.

One of them noticed the emergence of the abdominal area of ​​the Egyptian artist, and wrote: (You have a belly!).

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And another agreed with him and said: (As if he is a fat man). And another wrote: (Ruby is not ruby). And another mocked in his comment: (The devil laughed at you, Ruby, and your understanding is that you alone are six).

Here is Ruby’s birthday

In another context, the artist celebrated her 40th birthday a few days ago. The artist Hana Shiha congratulated her friend, Ruby, by publishing a bold photo that brings them together.

Ruby and Hana Shiha appeared wearing hot jeans.

While the colors of the T-shirt differed, one of them was white, and the other black.

Here, Shiha commented on the photo: (Happy Birthday).

Scandalous dress

Ruby was subjected to a wave of sharp criticism from her followers because of her bold dress.

Ruby appeared in the photo she posted on Instagram, sitting in front of the mirror.

Ruby in a gold dress
Ruby in a gold dress

The artist wore a golden dress, covering only a little of her body.

She left her black hair loose, and completed her look with golden shoes that matched her dress.

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The Egyptian artist attached the photo only to a comment that included a star emoji. This is in reference to the shine of her dress like stars.

Flat 6 . series

On the technical level, Ruby is currently shown the series Flat 6.

The events of the series revolve around an apartment with number 6 in one of the buildings in which the heroine of the series lives.

4 Ruby's video in a bold dress exposes her to embarrassment .. What did the followers notice!

There is a terrifying atmosphere inside this apartment that the residents of the building are surprised by.

Hence the neighbors live causing terror and fear. Through the events of the series, Ruby communicates with supernatural worlds.

6 Ruby's video in a bold dress exposes her to embarrassment .. What did the followers notice!

And that makes the artist reach a set of facts that change her life and the path of the characters around her.

The series is directed by Mahmoud Kamel, and the story is Mustafa Yuri, and Souad Al-Qadi. It was written by Souad Al-Qadi, Rafiq Al-Qadi, Nabil Shuaib, and Mahmoud Waheed.

And Apartment 6 produced by Cedars Art Production.

And co-starring Ahmed Hatem, Salah Abdullah, Hani Adel, Rehab Al-Jamal and others.

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