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The praise of the former Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, for Saudi Arabia caused an uproar on social media platforms, hours after he announced his apology for forming the new Lebanese government after 9 months of consultations.

On Thursday, Saad Hariri announced his apology for the task of forming a government, after his second meeting within 24 hours, with President Michel Aoun at the presidential palace, while the local currency recorded an unprecedented collapse, and a state of chaos pervaded the capital, Beirut and other cities.

Hariri said, in a speech after his meeting with Aoun, which lasted for about 20 minutes at Baabda Palace: “President Aoun’s position has not changed, and it is clear that we will not be able to agree with His Excellency.”

Al-Hariri added that he suggested to the Lebanese president that he be given time to think about the lineup he presented to him, “and he said that we cannot agree.”

Hariri explained: “During the speech, there were amendments requested by the president and considered essential in the lineup I submitted. We discussed matters related to trust, and it is clear that nothing has changed, and it seems that we do not agree with the president.”

Saad Hariri had presented a cabinet lineup of 24 ministers to Aoun, on Wednesday, and publicly requested a presidential response to the proposal by Thursday noon.

Saad Hariri: Katafi meat from Saudi Arabia

Al-Hariri said, in a tweet on “Twitter”, which was monitored by “Watan”: “The meat of my shoulders is from Saudi Arabia, and I am a loyal person, and my family is in Saudi Arabia.”

Al-Hariri’s tweet did not go unnoticed and ignited the communication sites, denouncing the statements of the Lebanese official, despite what happened to him in Saudi Arabia several years before his detention and humiliation.

Abdul Rahman Al-Sulayhi said: “Saudi Arabia destroys, does not build ruptures, does not gather, enslaves others, does not grant freedom to anyone, so did you hear that Saudi Arabia stood with the state of Mah and took it out of what it is in.”

Al-Sulaihi added: “What is happening in Syria, Yemen and Iraq is the best evidence, then look at Libya, which Saudi Arabia did not reach, how it began to recover.”

Lara commented: “Okay, high, I wish you would join your family and return to your country, your homeland, which gave you the meat on your shoulders and comfort us.

Mahmoud commented: “It means that you are a Saudi trampled on Lebanon, you and your family.”

Mazen Heba said: “Saudi Arabia wants us to have a president and a government without such dignity.”

Maryam Shuaib commented by saying: “For this grandfather, this is the true account, or someone is mocking!!! Someone says it is not true, may God bless you!”.

Hariri reveals the details

Al-Hariri added on the Lebanese “Al-Jadeed” TV: “My apology for the formation is because I saw that the President of the Republic does not want to be formed, and when the President of the Republic decides when to consult, I speak with my allies and we decide what we will do.”

Hariri refused to talk about Saudi Arabia being behind the faltering formation of the government, and said: “The problem is that Michel Aoun is allied with Hezbollah, and Michel Aoun is comfortable as he is. This is the problem, and whoever does not see it is blind.”

Hariri stated that what happened in Saudi Arabia in November 2017 was not an “arrest,” and added: “No, I am a human being and my family is there, and my shoulders are from Saudi Arabia.”

He continued: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia did not provide Lebanon with weapons and did not do it on May 7. Saudi Arabia gave peace to Lebanon and wants nothing but good for Lebanon as all the Gulf countries, but they have a problem with a group called Hezbollah.”

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He added: “If the March 8 team is really keen on Saudi Arabia, they would stop cursing it, exporting Captagon, and interfering in Arab affairs and Yemen, and they should not say that there is a problem between Saudi Arabia and Hariri.”

On the subject of the recent visit to Egypt, Hariri said: “I went to Egypt to extract Egyptian gas through Syria, and the Jordanians were able to convince the Americans about this.”

“I discussed with President Sisi the gas file to reduce the electricity bill through the new government, even though I am not its president,” he added.

He stressed that “President al-Sisi is keen to form a government, and there was no discussion on the issue of the apology, and the words that took place about that are inaccurate.”

Lebanese presidency

While a statement by the Lebanese presidency, commenting on Hariri’s apology, said that he “rejected all the amendments related to switching ministries and their sectarian distribution and the names associated with them.”

Over the course of about 9 months, differences between Aoun and Hariri prevented the formation of a government, to succeed the current caretaker government headed by Hassan Diab, which resigned on August 10, 2020, 6 days after a catastrophic explosion in the port of the capital, Beirut.

These disputes centered on the right to nominate Christian ministers, with Hariri’s accusation, which Aoun denies, of insisting that his team, including Hezbollah, obtain the “blocking third,” a number of ministers that allows controlling government decisions.

Aoun must set, in the coming days, a new date for binding parliamentary consultations in order to assign a new figure to form the government, a task that will not be easy at all and will increase the division between the already feuding political forces.

The presidency said Aoun would set the date for the consultations “as soon as possible.”

The political vacuum would deepen the suffering of the Lebanese, more than half of whom live below the poverty line, on the impact of the accelerating economic collapse that led to the lira losing more than ninety percent of its value against the dollar.

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