Saad, just in trouble, could be imprisoned for 20 years after this step A nation is tweeting out of tune


Five years after Moroccan artist Saad was accused of simply raping a French girl, the Paris Court of Appeal decided to retry the trial.

French media said that the Paris Court of Appeal decided to re-examine Saad Lamjarred’s accusation case. By raping a twenty-year-old woman in 2016 to a criminal court instead of a misdemeanor court.

The court considered that the description of rape, not “sexual assault”, applies to it, according to “Le Parisien” newspaper.

Saad Lamjar’s case was referred in April 2019 to a misdemeanor court by a decision of an investigative judge who reduced the charges. To the Moroccan artist, and reclassified it under the categories of “sexual assault” and “violence with aggravating reasons for punishment”.

Just because he faces 20 years in prison

But the investigation room in the Court of Appeals overturned this judicial order for the first time in January 2020 and considered that there is. The charges are sufficient to characterize the facts as rape, a crime which the criminal court has jurisdiction over.

However, the Court of Cassation invalidated this decision due to a formal flaw in it, which is that the Chamber’s president did not sign it, until an order. The Court of Appeal again tried Saad Lamjarred before the Criminal Court on charges of “rape.”

Saad faces just 20 years in prison if the charge is proven, but he can still go to the Court of Cassation.

Young French Laura

And the young French woman, Laura, had confirmed in her complaint against Saad Lamjarred, that he raped her in his room inside a hotel. Paris in October 2016, days before he had a party there, after consuming alcohol and drugs.

Saad Lamjarred was arrested at the time and released in April 2017, and the French authorities forced him to wear an electronic bracelet to monitor his movements.

Other rape cases

He was also charged with rape just in April 2017 after a young French-Moroccan accused him of sexual assault. He was beaten by him in Casablanca in 2015.

The girl later withdrew from the case, and the judiciary decided to dismiss the case in this part of the file.

Also in August 2018, she directed For the Moroccan artist The charge of rape follows a complaint by a young woman who said the incident had occurred. In the coastal city of Saint-Tropez in southeastern France.

Saad Lamjarred then remained in prison for two and a half months, before being released, kept under surveillance and forced. To reside in Paris for the duration of the investigation.

Egyptian activists prevent a party just because

And recently, a group of Egyptian activists launched a campaign to prevent the previously scheduled Lamjar party in Cairo. His residence on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of the establishment of the theater, under the pretext of “being accused in 3 rape cases in the United States, France and Morocco.”

The Egyptian activists launched the hashtag # NoLamjarred, #NoLamjarred, #Saad_Just_Morocco hashtag. During which they demanded to cancel the ceremony, especially since Egypt has been suffering for some time from serial incidents of rape and harassment.

And they saw that bringing the abstract as an internationally wanted “serial rapist” is an encouragement for the recurrence of these incidents, and indeed. The ceremony was then canceled.

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