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The name of the Egyptian artist, Safia Al-Omari, topped the search engines after her appearance in a television interview, during which she revealed the reasons for not marrying again, and her lack of artistic appearance.

I will not marry again

Safia Al-Omari said during her dialogue on the program (A Last Word) on the channel on why she did not marry again after her separation from the artist Jalal Issa: (I was satisfied and said I can not enter a stranger to my children, and be satisfied with what God has written for me).
Safia Al-Omari indicated that her marriage lasted 18 years, and she decided to separate after that, after she gave birth to two sons.

On the reasons for the separation, Safia Al-Omari hinted that Jalal Issa was jealous of her success, stressing that he did not object to her entering the field of acting, but the problems occurred between them later.

And she continued: (I do not want to go through this experience, but I married him before I entered the world of acting, and I did not think of being an actress.. When a man sees his wife going, he must be affected).

(My character in the dreamy nights is similar to me)

And Safia Al-Omari continued: (The character of Nazik Al-Salhadar in Layali Al-Hilmeya Shahbi loved one man).

Safia Al-Omari explained that one of the reasons why Egyptians remember the character of Nazik Al-Salhadhar in the series (Layali Al-Helmeya) is caused by the genius of the writer Osama Anwar Okasha.

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And she said: (All the episodes are in a popular area and I didn’t say anything outside, the writing was classy, ​​but now I’m all changed.. Society, Prime Time Zone, art and writers.. I was very happy to act with Yahya Al-Fakharani and Salah Al-Saadani in the dreamy nights, as if it were a match and it was very much fun.) .

And the Egyptian artist added: (She is a character who is not like me, but I loved one man, who is Yahya Al-Fakhrani, and I actually loved one man, and I was satisfied and said I do not want to enter into my children a strange man, and I focused on my work and the marriage took 18 years, and I ended it and said salvation remains).

Safia Al-Omari went on to talk about the beginning of her entry into the world of art: (I had the first opportunity with him to star in a movie, and I rejected it, and I did not intend to act. I will be a traitorous wife and tell me that you are a useful person who remains good and remains fierce).

And she continued: (I made the film and agreed, and its director was Hassan Al-Imam, and we filmed in an apartment in Zamalek, and I called and said I want to walk.

Safia Al Omari feels lonely

Safia Al-Omari admitted that she felt lonely because of her distance from her children, and that she wished to be with them in America, where she has two sons, the first married and gave birth to Zina and Aziz, and they are 16 and 14 years old, and the second has not yet married.

Safia Al-Omari stated that the reason for her children’s presence in the United States far from her is (the circumstances), and she explained: (certain circumstances were their friend’s in order to learn well, and at that time I was busy with my work, and they had to learn well and be friendly from school days to internal schools).

And Safia Al-Omari continued: (The whole time we have been in contact until now, but I wished them the right education and that they lived in a right environment, and I must do the right thing, even if at the expense of my feelings as a mother).
At this moment, Safia Al-Omari sent a message to her children, saying: (My eyes and my of them is my eye and the other is my heart, and no one can live without them, living with them, dying in them, and living with them).

Regarding her honor at the Ismailia Festival, Safia Al-Omari said: (It is a very nice feeling and among the many honors I received in my artistic career, but this is a special honor because the short film that I participated in has a special character because it is a short film, a new idea and a new director).

Too shy to die

Safia Al-Omari revealed her true personality in her natural life away from the camera, and confirmed that she is very shy, adding: (I am in front of the camera, we start and I have no limits in front of her, but as soon as the role ends with my shy personality, I cannot change and I will remain like this until I die)

Safia Al-Omari indicated that she did not feel artistic loneliness during the period in which she moved away from the scene, and said: (My unit is not a camera unit, I was satisfied because I played all the roles, I used to be in the arms of my children).

Safia Al-Omari confirmed that she is very proud of her artistic history, explaining that it is a summary of the history of her life, and she continued: (My dimension may be a choice or not a choice .. and I cannot offer less than the roles that she presented, but rather impossible).
Safia Al-Omari added that he offered her works during a period after she was away from the screen, but she did not accept them, given that they are less than the level that she presented in her artistic history.

And she said: (What will he present to me? Yes, she presented me with works that I did not accept, a role that is never worthy of any role I presented on the screen at all, and I cannot go out on the screen just to appear and be present, even if it is for minutes).

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