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The Economic Court in Egypt issued a decision to release the dancer, Sama Al-Masry, in the case in which she is accused of insulting and defaming the president of Mortada Mansour, the isolated Zamalek club.

Sama Al-Masry will not leave prison

The court decided to postpone Mortada Mansour’s lawsuit against Sama Al-Masry for the next July 14 session.

Despite the court’s decision to release Sama Al-Masry, she will not leave prison, due to the issuance of judicial rulings against her in the Cairo Economic Court of Appeal, imprisoning her for two years on charges of inciting immorality and immorality.

Sama Al-Masry was also sentenced in a new case to one year in prison, and the court sentenced her to 6 months in prison for insulting and defaming her fellow media figure, Reham Saeed.

A final penalty for Sama Al-Masry

The Egyptian newspaper (Al-Watan) quoted a judicial source as saying that Sama is serving a final sentence of two years in prison in the case of incitement to immorality and immorality, and another sentence of 6 months in another case filed by the media, Reham Saeed, and these provisions have nothing to do with the decision to release her in the insult case. Mourtada Mansour.

In addition, the Cairo Economic Misdemeanors Court of Appeal is still continuing the trial of Sama Al-Masry and decided to postpone the prosecution’s appeal against her innocence, from her accusation in the new case against her by the media, Reham Saeed, because of her insult, defamation and misuse of social networking sites for the next August 15 session.

This is the third case filed by Reham Saeed against Sama Al-Masry, as she filed a lawsuit against her for publishing offensive videos, followed by a case of insult and defamation.

Sama remained imprisoned in the two cases, according to judicial rulings issued in them by the Economic Court.

Investigations revealed that Al-Masry deliberately harassed and harassed Reham, by misusing communication devices, and that she had thrown her, by phone.

Sama Al-Masry and Mortada Mansour

Last June, Mortada Mansour submitted a request to drop the case against Sama, as he had done in 8 previous cases.

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At the time, Ashraf Nagy, Sama Al-Masry’s lawyer, said that Mortada Mansour submitted a waiver request in 8 cases of insult and defamation before the Economic Court against his client, Sama Al-Masry, against him and his two sons, after mediators intervened to resolve the crisis.

Nagy also confirmed that Mortada Mansour reconciled because Sama Al-Masry is now (imprisoned and weak), according to his description.

He continued, explaining that (it is not ethical to file other cases against her, as the purpose of filing the complaints was to imprison her).

Nagy concluded that Sama Al-Masry’s family will present an official apology to Mortada Mansour for what Sama has done of insulting and slandering him and his two sons.

Sama Al-Masry lost half her weight وزن

Last December, Sama’s lawyer confirmed that her psychological condition is very bad, and she does not eat to the extent that she has lost half her weight.

Ashraf Nagy said in a press statement that his client, Sama, is dazed and in a state of collapse at what happened to her, and she is always wondering. (Why do I just happen to have that?).

Nagy also confirmed that during the investigation with Al-Masry in 17 recent reports against her, she fell into a fit of crying and a nervous breakdown.

She informed him of her full readiness to apologize to anyone for what she had done in order to release her.

And the Egyptian newspaper (Al-Youm Al-Sabaa) earlier published a leaked audio recording of Sama from inside the prison, crying and begging. Because of the many cases brought against her.

Al-Masry said in the recording: (I do not know why all these cases were filed against me at this time, three cases at the same time, insult and slander. And incitement in the economy, and I have a new case tomorrow in the October Prosecution, I want to know why the cases and judgments are against me only).

She also continued: (And the second incitement case that followed, why am I being punished again, and a case tomorrow in October? Why does the person live. What is left of his life in prison?).

Sama broke down in tears while speaking, following up: (I made a mistake once and was imprisoned for two years, and a year in the case of insult and slander, and I swear that I did not publish the video. I sent it to my friend via WhatsApp and did not send it to Reham Saeed, so why am I being held accountable for WhatsApp).

Last June, the Egyptian Economic Court issued a three-year prison sentence and a fine of 300,000 pounds for outraging public modesty, in a second case.

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