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Sameh Shoukry waving to move against Ethiopia after Sisi said, “Whoever wants to be tried,” will he be a military man? | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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In a veiled threat from Cairo to Ethiopia, Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said that his country would not accept any water damage to Egypt or Sudan in relation to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

In statements to the Saudi “Al Arabiya” channel, Shoukry confirmed today, Tuesday, that Egypt will act if any water damage is caused to it by the Renaissance Dam.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister also pointed out that his country has “different scenarios to protect its water security.”

Sameh Shoukry’s statement after the failure of the negotiations

Analysts considered the statement of the Egyptian Foreign Minister as a threat to move against Ethiopia with the failure of the last round of negotiations, without specifying the type. Move and whether it is a military one.

Shoukry stressed that Egypt did not feel a serious political will in Ethiopia to solve the complex of the Renaissance Dam, which has been going on for years. He pointed out that the previous framework for negotiation has proven fruitful despite Egypt’s attempt to present a new framework.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister said that the Ethiopian side tried to evade any commitment regarding a dam, adding that despite the flexibility of Egypt and Sudan. However, Ethiopia thwarted the effort.

Earlier, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the negotiations held in Kinshasa over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam had not achieved progress nor were they ended. For an agreement on the re-launch of negotiations.

It indicated that Ethiopia rejected the proposal submitted by Sudan, and Egypt supported it by forming an international quartet led by the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Which presides over the African Union to mediate between the three countries.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry added that this proves beyond a reasonable doubt the flexibility and responsibility that Egypt and Sudan have assumed.

And stresses their earnest desire to reach an agreement on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, but Ethiopia rejected this proposal, which led to the failure of the meeting. To reach a consensus on relaunching negotiations.

It is noteworthy that a few days ago, in the manner of the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, the head of the Egyptian regime, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, threatened Ethiopia. That any prejudice to Egypt’s water will have a violent response that will greatly extend its impact on the stability of the entire region.

Al-Sisi also said while he was in the Suez Canal to celebrate the solution to the problem of the stranded ship, and in his talk about agriculture in Egypt. That his country does not take water from anyone.

Sisi revealed that sewage water is being treated for use in agriculture, instead of being thrown into Egyptian lakes.

Sisi threatens Ethiopia

Al-Sisi continued in his speech about the Renaissance Dam and the water crisis expected from this topic, and said: “Hostile action is ugly and our battle is in crisis. The Renaissance Dam is a negotiating battle.

He continued: “Concerning the filling and operation of the dam, we do not talk much, but I am saying to all Prime Time Zone, no one will be able to take a drop of water from Egypt.” And whoever wants to be tempted, be tempted.

He also continued: “We always have a very rational conversation, and very patient, but nobody can take a drop of water from Egypt, otherwise he will remain in a state of absence. “Stability in the region, no one imagines it, and no one imagines that he will be able to remain far from our ability, no.”

He added, “I am my age, I did not say that, and no one is going to hurt, but I am saying the second month of Egypt is untouchable, and prejudice to it is a red line, and it will remain.” Our reaction, in case it is compromised, will affect the stability of the entire region. “

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