Samir Sfeir reveals how he was saved after his arrest in the same prison where Salman al-Awda | A nation is tweeting out of tune


In news that met with wide interaction, Lebanese media reported that the Saudi authorities released today, Thursday, the Lebanese composer Samir Sfeir has been in custody for a month and a half ago.

Samir Sfeir

Some have linked Samir Sfeir’s arrest in the Gulf kingdom to his previous anti-Saudi tweets and stances and mocking its war in Yemen and its pilots.

The plane carrying “Sfeir” arrived at Beirut airport Thursday afternoon from Saudi Arabia.

He was received at the airport by a member of the “Strong Lebanon Bloc” MP “Salim Aoun”, the poet “Nizar Francis”, and a number of his family members.

Samir Sfeir: President Michel Aoun saved me

For its part, Al-Jadeed TV quoted “Sfeir” as saying that “the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, saved me,” revealing the role of the General Director of Public Security, Major General “Abbas Ibrahim” and the security services.

Communications took place, far from the spotlight, between the Lebanese and Saudi authorities for Samir’s release.

Where he was transferred a few days ago from al-Dhahban prison to al-Shumaisi prison, which is known as a temporary deportation prison, after signing his deportation papers.

It is known that Dhahban Prison is the prison in which a large number of prisoners of conscience reside, headed by the famous preacher Salman al-Awda, upon direct orders of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

According to analysts, the news that was circulating about the release of the Lebanese composer Samir Sfeir, who was arrested in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and specifically his return to Lebanon, was not mere speculation.

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Because the investigations that were conducted with him for long days and the analysis of his cell phones and his computer led to the decision to deport to Lebanese territory for reasons related to opinion and some political positions only.

Noting that there are those who confirmed the existence of leaks that reached the Saudi security authorities about Samir, and it is said that they originate in Lebanon, and they pour in the category of suspicions that have been verified, in order to know the validity of who is wrong.

As for Sameer’s commercial activities in the kingdom, it is clear that it will end.

Some information indicated that Sfeir signed papers for his deportation to Lebanon after he spent a period in al-Dhahaban prison.

“Freedom for Samir Sfeir” and a campaign to release him

The case of Sfeir’s disappearance in Saudi Arabia occupied the audience, especially since his news disappeared from existence after he received an invitation from the Director of the Office of the Minister of Information in Saudi Arabia, Walid bin Ghazi Bafiqih, to honor him.

During the past few days, a large campaign was launched on social networking sites demanding his return, and the hashtag “Freedom for Samir Sfeir” issued the trend among observers, demanding to know the circumstances of the case and the reason for his arrest, noting that some sources confirmed that the reason for his arrest was due to his political positions.

Samir Sfeir and the moment of his arrest

It is noteworthy that on April 22, 2021, a large security force raided the home of the Lebanese artist and composer Samir Sfeir in Saudi Arabia and arrested him, and since then there is no information indicating his whereabouts in Saudi Arabia, his news has been cut off completely.

At the time, it was reported that some Lebanese officials in Saudi Arabia advised the Sfeir family not to review the truth about his disappearance until the truth was revealed. The Saudi embassy in Lebanon at the time also refused to intervene in the matter, and to make any statement.

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