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Moroccan singer Samira Said topped the list of the most discussed topics on search engines, after talking about the scenes of the clip for her new song (Mon Cheri).

(Mon Cheri)

Samira Saeed said about her song (Mon Cheri), which she presented only two days ago, and has achieved 1.8 million views so far: (The song clip is simple, but the project is light on some of it).

Saeed indicated in a telephone interview with the program (Al-Hekaya) on the satellite channel (MBC Egypt) that the composer of the song is Bilal Sorour, adding: (He started with me from the song Hawa Hawa, and the song Mohlash Haja).

And Samira Saeed continued: (The distributor of the Mon Cheri song is Hani, he has a great history, and he is the one who made the song go to the seventies, and he had a vision that it would be like Mustafa’s song, Mustafa).


Saeed added: (Mon Cheri’s song is against the current, meaning it is unique, and it has an old music, but in the present).

And she continued: (The Mon Cheri song is seventies, and it has an Arabic part, an English part, and a French part).

Saeed noted that the song (Mon Cheri) is included in an album, which she started 3 months ago, with a romantic song and a dramatic song.

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Samira Said revealed that she will announce a new song next month, and download the rest of the album’s songs in the coming months until the beginning of 2022.

1970’s era

The song, which sparked controversy on social media, was distinguished by its embodiment of the seventies era, where Saeed appeared at the beginning of the clip in a green dress and put a green scarf on her head as well, and she wore gloves of the same color.

Samira Said also made sure to wear sunglasses, to indicate that she was in the seventies, the period that was characterized by that look.

In the second scene of the clip (Sherry Moon), Samira Saeed wore a short black dress with white circles, open from the chest, and also wore white gloves.

Saeed adopted a hairstyle similar to the hairstyles that were more popular among women in the seventies, and she also wore red sunglasses.

Samira Said also rode in the clip an old yellow car that was popular in the seventies, and the Moroccan artist appeared in her roaming in the almost empty streets, which was what distinguished that era in terms of population, compared to today and the crowding in the streets of Cairo.

Samira Said was subjected to physical harassment

Saeed had previously topped the trend last February, after she was a guest on the (Sira) program, presented by the media, Wafaa Al-Kilani on the dmc channel, and talked about her childhood and artistic beginnings and the reasons for the failure of her marriages.

Samira Saeed also talked about her adolescence and how she maintained herself, and said: (I did not have any obvious harassment, but it did happen. Ordinary hostilities and as long as there is no response, the matter is over).

Samira continued at the time: (I remember one time I went with my friends to a forest called Al Mamoura, and there was an old man and we found an easy catch and he started saying things that are not nice at all, and approached us, but the girls made him forget his name completely).

And whether she was subjected to physical harassment, Saeed said: (Unfortunately, I was subjected to physical harassment, and I found myself with all my strength hitting him with my bag and escaping immediately).

My relationship with King Hassan II

Samira Said also spoke about her relationship with King Hassan II, saying: (King Hassan, may God have mercy on him, had a wonderful artistic sense and was very understanding in music. I was afraid of him and made an account of the day I saw him and that I had to satisfy him, and he was the maestro of the Diamond Band).

Samira Saeed added: (We were in the Diamond band, all of my friends were very good, starting from the band’s leader to the last one present, and they loved me very much because they see. I am an Aruban child, and on one occasion we were on our way to a party at King Hassan’s Palace, and I was wearing the green caftan, I combed my hair and the last of its sheaths and elegance).

And she continued: (At that time, one of the band saw me and called me, so I went, and he pushed me into the swimming pool, and I got angry and quarreled with him. At that time, he brought me candy and chocolates).

And she continued: (In my childhood, I used to record a song that I heard by Abdel Halim Hafez and he took his opinion at the beginning, and once we met on the radio. He attended the recording of the song with me and found me to sing to you. .

Regarding granting her son Shadi the Egyptian nationality, Samira Said said: (Shadi did not obtain the Egyptian nationality because he has two nationalities, Moroccan and American. Unfortunately, he cannot take the third nationality).

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