Sara Al-Kandari has not repented yet: “Watch the beauty of my imaginary locks!” | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Kuwaiti fashionista Sarah Al-Kandari sparked widespread controversy among her followers by returning to excitement and showing off her charms, despite being previously judged for an immoral video.

Watch the beauty of “Extension”!

Sarah Al-Kandari appeared in a video that she posted on her Snapchat account, and was monitored by “Watan”, while she was wearing tight clothes. Very highlighting her charms and working as an advertisement for hair strands, she says: “See the beauty of the hair, imaginative, for the honesty of my followers. Every penny to be paid is permissible.

Activists expressed their shock at the return of Sarah Al-Kandari to show her body again, and asked about her husband’s role. Ahmed Al-Anzi in this, denouncing his satisfaction with his wife’s display of her body.

Evolution in the case of Sarah Al-Kandari and Ahmadani

Last January, the Kuwaiti Court of Appeal issued a ruling revoking the ruling against Sarah Al-Kandari and her husband. Ahmed Al-Anzi, who is serving them for two years.

The court only fined them an amount of ten thousand Kuwaiti dinars, and ordered it to delete a blatant video clip via “Snapchat”. This is due to their inappropriate and unethical acts on social media.

The Kuwaiti criminal court had imposed a two-year prison sentence with a bail of $ 3,300 to stop the execution of the punishment. And that is on the charge of violating public morals. Against the Kuwaiti fascist and her husband.

After the two-year rule that was abolished

The Kuwaiti fascist, Sarah Al-Kandari, collapsed from crying, through the application of “Snapchat”. Because of the injustice she was subjected to while being held in custody in the case of indecision, she said.

Pointing out that she did not commit any sin on the basis of which she deserves to be imprisoned with criminals.

The Kuwaiti fascist, Sarah Al-Kandari, appeared in a video clip at the time, after a Kuwaiti court sentenced her to two years in prison. With a bail of $ 3,300 to stop the penalty. In accusing her and her husband of violating public morals.

The Kuwaiti fashionista said during the video, which she published: “Lewin reached with me, your right and took it, and I was wronged. What is my fault that I sit. A woman slaughtered or killed her companion, or stayed with Prime Time Zone who used to consume.

Sarah Al-Kandari added, in her speech with words covered with feelings of sadness: “What is my sin, I quenched myself, celebrities and hands who are not Kuwait dressed up. There are those who wear above the knee and no one is responsible for it. I am the daughter of the Deira. My right and the right of my daughter will be taken.

Kuwaiti fashionistas added that they will not reach “the stage that I slaughter myself, commit suicide, or retire from social media, and by God I will not retire. If only for breaking my neck. I will address the Emir of the country, Sheikh Nawwaf, and Crown Prince Sheikh Meshaal. I will not be silent. From today on, I will not be silent.

And she continued: “Lewin, you cut off my livelihood, my right to be entrusted .. You distorted my name, and distorted my reputation, my long life in my self and my age did not harm anyone … All”.

Noting that her daughter is going through a bad psychological state as a result of what her mother is facing.

Al-Kandari expressed her surprise at the amount of the fine required of her to stop the execution of the punishment, saying: “My case is a trivial one,” while adding: “The judiciary of Kuwait is on my head.”

Details of the arrest of Sarah Al-Kandari and her husband

The Kuwaiti Public Prosecution charged with publishing an inappropriate video of Kuwaiti Vashnitsa Sarah Al-Kandria, following the resurrection of her husband, Ahmed Al-Anzi. He filmed her inside the bathroom and uploaded the video to his account.

Al-Kandari participated in an advertising campaign for a brand of oils for the skin, but her husband, Ahmed Al-Anzi, came out in a video after her arrest. He confirmed that he did not photograph his wife and did not post the video.

Al-Anzi also indicated during the video that he and Sara were summoned to the prosecution office after a woman filed a complaint against them, and after interrogation with them, they were released.

But before leaving the building, a security officer asked Sarah to wait, which was a shock to Ahmed Al-Anzi.

The Kuwaiti Public Prosecution released the Kuwaiti fascist Sarah Al-Kandari on the 27th of October of last year, 2020.

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