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Kuwaiti fashionista Sarah Al-Kandari denied the news circulating about her association with her compatriot, artist Mashari Al-Awadi, after the spread of their photos together on social media.

Sarah Al-Kandari: What happened between us is over

And in a video through her account on (Snapchat), Sarah confirmed that the pictures and videos circulating, were cut from the clip of Mashari Al-Awadi (Qalqni Farrak).

The Kuwaiti fashinista indicated that the relationship she had with Meshari Al-Awadi, and the divorced Kuwaiti artist Hind Al-Balushi, is just a job, adding: (Meshari is a very respectable man above imagination, the video clip we filmed and finished, and then what we saw ended, meaning what was between us was just a job, and of course I at the time I was separated from Ahmed twice, and this will be the last.

And she added: (The filming was in 2019, and I was not in the custody of Ahmed and I have a divorce paper, I can put it down, and if I speak by saying when I am filming, I photograph with my respect.”

Attempt to defame!

Sarah confirmed that she only attended the clip as a model, and that once the work contract expired, there was no longer any interaction between her and Al-Awadi.

Sarah hinted that the pictures circulated, an attempt to defame her by her husband, saying: (Men who defame his wife and his offer while she is still on his responsibility and honor, why?).

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And she continued sarcastically: (The woman who rules men infallibility with her own hands, and I do not know, these pictures did not come out except when Sarah wanted to get divorced).

Since Sarah and Ahmed Al-Enezi announced their divorce, exchanges began between them through their accounts on social media.

And recently, Sarah published a photo documenting the scars on her hand, which she said were the result of beatings and violence at the hands of Ahmed Al-Enezi.

Sarah wrote in her comment on the photo: (I say sideburns, I was silent about it, and I didn’t speak up until now, but the promise and caution, especially the girls, from my fear for them).

And she continued: (This is a stab in my hand from him and before my fame he was threatening me with death, and two weeks ago he used to hang me and my daughter’s body in order to force me to pick him up on his hands, and make me sit with his quarter. This is the second reason for my divorce from him).

Ahmed Al-Anzi: The moment of divorce is liberation and pain

And last month, the star of social networking sites in Kuwait, Ahmed Al-Enezi, announced his separation from Sarah Al-Kandari after several years of marriage.

Through the feature (Al-Asturi), on his account on the Instagram application, Al-Anzi wrote: (The moment of divorce is one of the most difficult moments that brings together many feelings, and it is a moment of release and liberation, a moment of fracture and pain at the same time).

Sarah Al-Kandari’s husband continued: (Because at that moment, there is a feeling on both sides of the failure of marital and social life, the deception and deception of the other party, i.e. the life partner, and with it the sacred bond mentioned by God Almighty in the Qur’an is broken.”

Sarah Al-Kandari: God suffices me

Al-Enezi concluded his speech by announcing his separation from his wife Sarah Al-Kandari, saying: (Therefore, I announce my separation from Sarah).

For her part, Sarah Al-Kandari contented herself with publishing (Story) also through her account on (Instagram), in which she wrote only at the time: (God suffices me, and He is the best agent).

A four-wheel drive car from Sarah Al-Kandari to her husband!

And only about two months ago, Sarah Al-Kandari sparked widespread controversy among her followers after she gifted her husband, Ahmed Al-Enezi, an expensive SUV, to celebrate his birthday.

At the time, Ahmed Al-Enezi posted on his account on (Instagram), the moment Sarah Al-Kandari presented several expensive gifts to him, including the car.

Ahmed Al-Enezi was closing his eyes while Sarah Al-Kandari held his hand and guided him to the road, only to be surprised by an expensive SUV jeep.

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Sarah Al-Kandari’s husband was surprised by the car and asked her in shock: (This is for me?), to which she replied sarcastically: (This is a one-day rental, for sure).

Al-Enezi commented on the video, in which he reviewed his wife’s gifts, and wrote: “She was studying online, getting rid of her daughter, getting rid of and cooking breakfast for us. I am tired, thank you for everything, my wife and mother of my children).

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