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The fashionista and Saudi beauty expert, Sarah Al-Wadani, expressed her shock after her first visit to the city of Abha.

Sarah Al-Wadani said in a video she posted on her account on (Snapchat) that as a citizen residing in the capital, Riyadh, she is not accustomed to the cold weather at this time of the year.

Sarah Al-Wadani explained that the temperature in Abha reaches 24 degrees Celsius.

Sarah Al-Wadani continued, addressing her talk to her friends during a session that brought them together: (Girls, imagine that I am happy, why, but shocked at the same time, cold, I am now cold).

Sarah Al-Wadani indicated that she was mocked when she was taking her son’s temperature, and a woman said to her: (Your son is happy every little bit you drop the temperature).

Sarah Al-Wadani compares Abha and Riyadh

Sarah Al-Wadani compared the temperature of Abha and Riyadh, and said: (The temperature in the capital, Riyadh, is currently 45 degrees, so I decided in the summer to move Abha… and in the winter to live in Riyadh).

The city of Abha is the administrative headquarters and the capital of the Asir region, southwest of Saudi Arabia, and its most important city, where the headquarters of the emirate and the main branches of ministries are located.

Abha is located on the Hijaz Mountains and is adjacent to it from the east and north-east, Khamis Mushait Governorate, from the northwest by Al-Namas Governorate, and from the west and southwest, Mahayel Asir Governorate and Rijal Almaa Governorate.

Abha’s climate

And the city of Abha is one of the most important summer resorts and tourist cities in Saudi Arabia, because of its mild climate and its great height above sea level.

The city of Abha has a harsh climate that receives snow at the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, and it receives rain on a daily basis in the spring and weekly in the summer, especially as it is a high city at the top of the Hijaz mountain range.

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And the city of Abha is created to withstand rain, as its climate is moderately cold in summer, snowy and very cold in winter. The temperature may reach a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius in the summer period and may reach -4 ° and -6 ° in the winter.

Abha receives warm currents coming from the Atlantic Ocean to Africa, then to the Red Sea, then heading to Abha and providing the city with warm air for both spring and summer.

In the winter, Abha receives monsoon winds coming from Russia, crossing the Caspian Sea, providing it with cold currents, then passing through the Arabian Gulf, heading south, meeting the Indian Ocean currents coming from east to west of Iran, changing its direction and eventually hitting the west of the Hijaz mountain range.

(Soukra) in the first appearance!

In another context, Sarah Al-Wadani chose the occasion of the birthday of her first son, Saad, to reveal a new picture of her infant daughter by publishing a group of photos of her through the (Story) feature on her official account on the Instagram website.

Sarah Al-Wadani’s daughter and her son Saad appeared, wearing Saudi clothes, while they were undergoing a photo session in conjunction with her son’s birthday, and attached him to a comment: (Lord, protect them, Lord, in the name of God, and there is no power or strength except in God.. Every year and you are my love).

Last December, Sarah Al-Wadani announced that she had given birth to her second child, and sparked widespread controversy among activists with the strange name she chose for her.

And Sarah Al-Wadani published a picture through her account on (Instagram), on which she wrote: (Praise be to God for the perfect blessing and the completion of grace, and my Lord gave us the most beautiful gifts, Sukra, O God, grow her a good plant and make her the apple of an eye for us).

Sarah Al-Wadani

At the time, the hashtag #Sarah_Al-Wadani was published on Twitter, during which the tweeters mocked the name (Sukra), and assured Sarah Al-Wadani that she had wronged her daughter with this name, and some of them indicated that he had read it (Sukra) by opening the Seine, and paired it with the phrase (Sukra of death).

Al-Wadani had announced her pregnancy in a surprising way, shocking her fans, as she was able to hide it for several months.

bloated belly

Sarah then published a picture of her via (Instagram), in which she appeared with a greatly swollen abdomen, which is likely to be the last months of pregnancy.

Al-Wadani commented on the photo, saying: (Praise be to God, whose good grace is accomplished, praise be to God always and forever.

Sarah topped the trend at the time via Twitter after her announcement, and the tweeters expressed their surprise at the news of her pregnancy, while others mocked her contradiction when she was advising girls not to marry, then she was linked and gave birth quickly, and she is waiting for the other child.

Al-Wadani gave birth to her first child (Saad) in February 2019, and was subjected to a bullying link from some followers who likened her and her child to two characters from cartoon programs.

It is worth noting that Al-Wadani married the Saudi businessman Abdul Wahab Al-Sayyaf in June 2018 in the Maldives in a legendary wedding, and she referred to her husband’s identity with the symbol HS, which is an abbreviation of her husband’s name Abdul Wahab Al-Sayyaf, and her husband is a famous social media and his title is Hobi Sayyaf.

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