Saudi Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi expresses his deep remorse for his opposition to the regime of Mohammed bin Salman (video) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Saudi Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi expressed his remorse for his opposition to the Saudi regime, attacking both the opposition Saad Al-Faqih and Dr. Muhammad Al-Masari.

In a video clip monitored by Watan, Al-Mutairi described himself as the most influential Saudi opponent in Saudi Arabia, considering that this title is the biggest insult to him – according to him – because he refuses to combine this title with Saad Al-Faqih and Muhammad Al-Masari, criticizing them.

Abdul Rahman Al-Mutairi regrets his opposition to the Saudi regime

Al-Mutairi said: “If Al-Faqih and Al-Masari had the ability to run Saudi Arabia, they would have made Saudi Arabia ISIS.”

He added, “I offended many Prime Time Zone, and this is a big mistake, and I lost a lot for going into politics,” noting that he burned all the ships returning to Saudi Arabia.

Al-Mutairi’s speech caused a sensation on social media platforms after his attempt to return to the bosom of the Saudi regime and attack Saudi opponents to beautify its image.

Salih Al-Adhaibi said, mocking Al-Mutairi: “You assume the role of the influencer. You see repentance between you and your Lord, but religion and the state and spreading division and racism are not enough for repentance, and not everyone who sits will suffocate for years.

While another tweeter replied: “I hope the state applies the system to him and he is tried, so that the story is not repeated in other Prime Time Zone who insult the state and then excuse one apology for millions of snaps!!!!! not enough “.

Commenting on Al-Mutairi’s words, Osama said: “His words are true.. He is the first of many, and he committed great sins before his Lord after insulting and slandering many Prime Time Zone, but then he repented and apologized a lot and became better than many Prime Time Zone who are already inside Saudi Arabia… I mean, they should give him a chance if he sees his family.” The least is his remaining family. I mean… God help him, Lord.”

Al-Mutairi attacks the Kingdom through his accounts on YouTube and Snapchat. Saudi bloggers say that Al-Mutairi is mentally ill, and that his description of the opposition is inaccurate, based on a number of videos in which he appears and the way he speaks.

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The American authorities had recently arrested the activist Al-Mutairi for violating residency laws in the United States, and the police had received a report against him by a friend who shared his residence, accusing him of receiving a threat from “Al-Mutairi.” According to accounts circulated on social media.

While some consider him a Saudi dissident, and that his arrest came in a malicious communication as a kind of pressure on him, and at least one of the activists commented that he was not arrested in the Saudi consulate, because he was now cut with a saw by His Highness Prince bin Salman.

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