Saudi Abdulaziz Al-Tuwaijri criticizes the naturalization of non-Arabs in the UAE, and this is what he said about the future of the region | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The former Director-General of ISESCO, Saudi Abdulaziz Al-Tuwaijri, attacked the UAE’s granting of the nationality of its country to a number of Prime Time Zone of other religions, considering this to sow the seeds of calamities and strife.

Al-Tuwaijri said, in a tweet monitored by Watan: “The naturalization of non-Arabs of other religions in some Gulf countries is sowing the seeds of calamities and strife that will threaten the future of those countries and the entire region.”

Abdulaziz Al-Tuwaijri’s tweet sparks a wide interaction

Social media pioneers interacted with the Saudi official’s tweet, criticizing the UAE’s practices regarding naturalization.

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And a tweeter said: “From their villainy, the Uyghur Muslims were handed over to China, even though they went to Mecca to perform Umrah or Hajj, and Sisi’s Egypt handed over the Muslims who were studying at Al-Azhar. I am hot and cuddly.”

Sarah commented: “Random naturalization will harm us in the future, and all of it will be serious and significant!”

Another said: “It may open the door for the majority to demand, as an entity, the right to self-determination, with the intervention of the mother state, as long as the entity enjoys dual citizenship, God forbid.”

Watan also monitored a number of comments and interactions with the tweet of the prominent Saudi official.

Emirati Nationality

Earlier, the Emirati writer close to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, Abdul Khaleq Abdullah, criticized the UAE’s granting of citizenship to a large number of Prime Time Zone who do not speak Arabic and do not belong to Islam.

Abdul-Khaleq Abdullah, in a tweet monitored by Watan, said: “Hundreds of those who obtained UAE citizenship recently do not speak Arabic and their children do not make the effort to learn it and have nothing to do with Islam.”

He added: “These Prime Time Zone do not know the customs, traditions and values ​​of the Emirates and have been given the right to retain their original nationality, and we do not know the extent of their loyalty to the state. The population scene that is established for the next 50 years will be dysfunctional and strange.”

The Emirati system amends the law on granting Emirati citizenship according to its whims

It is noteworthy that last February, the issuance of a law by the UAE system to amend the provisions for granting UAE citizenship was met with widespread internal rejection and external criticism.

The provisions for granting Emirati citizenship to foreigners were amended, claiming that investors, professionals and talents were targeted. According to the amendment to the citizenship grant law, the Emirati passport will be granted to investors and talented Prime Time Zone. It will also be granted to specialists including scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, intellectuals and their families.

It is these categories that will obtain the passport, according to what appears from the official government announcement. However, activists warned that the aforementioned amendment targets the Israelis, after Abu Dhabi signed an agreement declaring normalization with Tel Aviv months before.

Especially in light of the amendment of the law to allow the right not to give up the original nationality.

Emirati opponents reject the amendment made by Abu Dhabi

Emirati opponents in exile issued a statement rejecting the government amendment issued because of the political, economic, security and cultural risks that it poses to the future of the Emirates.

The opponents warned of an existential threat to the Emirati Prime Time Zone in light of the existing demographic imbalance.

Emirati nationals make up less than 10% of the total population.

As well as the risks of flooding the state with more mercenaries for the rulers of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

An American report exposed discrimination in the new citizenship law in the UAE, with the exception of children of Emirati women and Bidoon.

A report published by the American “Bloomberg” agency questioned the fate of the Bidoon and the children of Emirati women from the foreigners’ naturalization law announced by the UAE.

The report pointed out that the new law in the UAE, which was announced a few days ago, sparked widespread criticism of the authorities in the country for ignoring these two categories.

The law does not allow the automatic granting of citizenship to children of Emirati women married to foreigners.

Criticisms also included the complete disregard by the authorities of the Bidoon file in the country. These are Emirati citizens who were unable to obtain the Emirates ID and passport.

Amendments to laws in the Emirates are issued in the absence of any parliamentary authority, with the aim of strengthening the ruling regime’s control of power without any popular oversight.

The Federal National Council in the Emirates is a paralyzed body that represents the ruling authority and order, not the Emiratis.

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