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Activists circulated through social networking sites, a video documenting the moment a girl stormed the Al-Baha Festival theater in Saudi Arabia, and attempted to participate in the Southern Arda dance.

A girl alone among dozens of men

In the video, which was monitored by Watan, the girl appears as she jumps among the men, and tries to perform the ardha dance with them, wearing a long black shirt and a headscarf.

But one of the band members tries to stop her, and asks her to come down, and the security of the Al Baha Festival suddenly appears and takes her off the stage, so she leaves against her will.

The girl’s behavior sparked widespread controversy among activists in Saudi Arabia, including those who attacked the girl and considered that what she did was contrary to Saudi customs and traditions.

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While others attacked the security men and the band members, accusing them of inconsistency, circulating videos of foreign girls who had been convicted of the ardha dance in earlier times without objection.

If it was a foreigner!

Among the commentators is the Saudi activist and politician Ahmed Al-Nasser, who wrote on his Twitter account: (If she was a foreigner, they would let her participate comfortably, and they even welcomed it).

And he published the last video clip documenting the performance of the girls of the Al-Ardah dance, and commented: (The same thing is good, why are you looking forward?).

Another mocked by saying: (Why do they not let her dance better? Why do they expel her? This is not the age of women, where is the dress, where is the safer of roads, and why do they not mad at Prime Time Zone who fail).

Pave the men of the yard

While others launched the hashtag (Kafu men al-Baha), which topped the first trend in the Kingdom, during which they praised the behavior of the security men and team members.

And it came in the comments: (Here you have it with your father, he made those who brought you to heaven, hero).

Another wrote: (Frankly, it is not true. There is no shame or shyness among men. The regime settles controversy in the media, and they expelled it as a dog of God. The girls of Belize do not let us down. A little shyness in public. We know that you are not ashamed, but keep the blackness of your face impermeable.”

Another demanded the arrest of the girl, saying: (Why was she arrested?).

Another quoted a saying by Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, saying: (Omar Ibn Al-Khattab said: The ugliest pre-eminent women. How dare you look with them on the podium, and they are all men).

An activist in the name of Anas Makki wrote: (What happened in Al-Baha indicates that men are jealous and fear God.

The preacher Hani al-Qar’ani recounted several hadiths about masculine women and imitating men, and one of them stated: “A class of masculine women has appeared who violated the nature of God that He created Prime Time Zone with, and they were born with qualities that do not befit the nature of Muslim women, which God created and distinguished them from the nature of men and what bloody The heart is that this tomboy is not ashamed of what she does; rather, she boasts and is proud of what she has done.)

The journalist, Mishaal Al-Zahid, wrote: (The expulsion of a girl who tried to participate in the southern parade within the activities of the Al-Baha Festival.

Bader Al-Zahrani: I ignored the guards

The head of the Culture and Arts Committee in the Villages Governorate, Badr bin Hilal Al-Zahrani, commented on the incident, saying: (Participations were strictly prohibited for everyone in this ceremony, and the number was limited to persons authorized by the Ministry of Health and the Entertainment Authority, and in specific numbers, in application of precautionary measures, and to achieve distancing. physical).

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Al-Zahrani continued, in an interview with the Saudi newspaper (Sabq): (No one is allowed to participate unless one of the band members leaves, and is replaced by another person, but the woman entered without prior permission, and took advantage of the heedlessness of the security guards, and we were surprised by her on the stage, and she was dealt with and taken down immediately. in just a few seconds).

And last May, the skilled Bahraini artist topped the conversation of the pioneers of social networking sites, due to her performance of the Al-Ardah dance as well, to receive the Saudis who arrived in Bahrain, after suspending travel for 14 months, as a result of the outbreak of the Corona virus.

And the Bahraini skilled appeared in a video clip circulating at the time, as she presented a group of men, wearing a formal suit in black, holding the sword and dancing the (Ardah) that is specific to the Prime Time Zone of the Gulf.

The Bahraini Mahra was also attacked and widely criticized for this behavior, and activists considered that her standing as a lone woman among men and her dancing in front of them, negates the character of modesty that women in Eastern society should exhibit.

As a result of this attack and the accusations, Al-Mahra came out and apologized in a video in which she said: (I had to respond because I am a Bahraini girl and at the same time settled here in Bahrain. I have a job, and not once did something happen to me that upset my family, and this time I upset them, so I had to apologize, and thank you to everyone).

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