Saudi Arabia allocates an imaginary sum that was not previously proposed for a “boxing fight” between these two heroes! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is seeking to host a boxing match between British boxers Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, in a contract with a fee of $ 150 million, according to a website revealed.ESPN“Athletic.

The highest amount paid

The site stated, that the proposed amount is higher than any fees ever paid to host a boxing game.

According to “Talk Sport”, it is likely that the fight between Fury and Joshua will take place in late July or early August.

Over recent years, Saudi Arabia has tended to host international events, especially sports and music, which were not uncommon in the Kingdom years ago.

And in 2019, Saudi Arabia announced that it would host a confrontation between the British, Anthony Joshua, and the American of Mexican descent, Andy Ruiz.

The British newspaper “Telegraph” had revealed at the time that this confrontation was taking place in Saudi Arabia, whose sports bodies spent nearly $ 100 million to host it.

A women’s fight in Saudi Arabia

In February 2020, the World Wrestling Federation (WWE) announced that a women’s match would be held at the “SmackDawn” championship in Saudi Arabia, in the “Super ShowDown” Saudi 2020.

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The confrontation at that time between the SmackDown 2020 champion, Bailey, and her competitor, Naomi.

In October 2019, Riyadh hosted a confrontation between Canadian, Natalia Neidhart, and American, Lacey Evans.

During the fight, the two players appeared in normal sportswear, contrary to the wrestling clothes recognized in the United States, and their clothes were modest and cover the entire body, and the match was attended by thousands of Saudis.

Inter Milan club

In the context, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman seeks to acquire Italian club Inter Milan through his investment fund, which valued the club at an amount of 850 million pounds.

SunSport has learned that the Saudi Public Investment Fund is holding talks with the Italians, worth nearly £ 850 million.

The Chinese company, “Suning Holdings,” is the owner of the Inter, which has been desperate and on the sell side since the end of last year.

The financial situation of the Serie A leaders is in disarray, with a total debt of more than £ 650 million.

According to Prime Time Zone familiar with the league’s financial situation, they are adamant that the situation is on the verge of collapse.

According to an informed source, he said that the Saudis had advanced from Inter Milan a week ago.

“You can’t buy two clubs at the same time, and it looks like they have given up on Newcastle.”

“They have a lot of strength to take over the debts of Inter Milan,” the source added.

Inter Milan leads the Italian league and is part of the new European Champions League.

Public investments

And last week, Ashley stated that he is fighting with Prem to sell it to the consortium headed by the Public Investment Fund. Also includes Amanda Staveli and the Robin brothers.

The breaking point and sticking point in the league was that the Public Investment Fund, led by bin Salman, was separate from the Saudi state.

For its part, “The Prem” newspaper said that the Public Investment Fund is under the control of the Saudi state, but Newcastle. Do not agree to it and seek to overturn the judgment by arbitration.

Human Rights Watch scandal

Earlier, the international human rights organization, Human Rights Watch, revealed attempts by Bin Salman. In order to use sport to whitewash his human rights record, and to cover up his crimes against human rights.

The organization considered bin Salman’s taking on the sport as a distraction.

And to divert attention from the record of human rights violations in the Kingdom, through foreign investments in this field.

The organization stated that Bin Salman has an acceleration in interest in sports affairs and its activities.

It is an attempt through which it seeks to divert attention from the human rights practices and violations occurring in the Kingdom.

The organization said, according to the director of global initiatives in the organization, “Minky Worden, that Bin Salman has documented attempts to use sport.” Buying clubs and holding major matches to cover up the kingdom’s deteriorating human rights behavior.

Worden tweeted earlier, referring to the Yemen war files, which she described as brutal. In addition to the file of the murder case of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul, Turkey.

Worden also listed the file of dozens of male prisoners and activists in the fields of women’s rights and human rights, and how bin Salman is trying to cover this by using sport.

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