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In a Saudi defense of Qatar against the UAE’s abuse of it, the newspaper “Makkah”, affiliated with the Royal Court, published a strongly-worded article against the movie “Weird Ones” produced by the UAE to demonize Qatar and its symbols through lies and allegations accusing it of supporting terrorism.

The writer of the article in the Saudi newspaper, Assem Al-Sakhis, considered that the movie “Eccentric”, which was recently released in cinemas, is classified among the films in which the political penetration was clear and disgusting.

He pointed out that the film’s message was open and public to implicate a specific Gulf country (meaning Qatar).

Al-Sakhis criticized the huge budget of the eccentric film in order to distort Qatar and said: “The work for which the UAE allocated a huge budget, (about 15 million dollars), did not achieve returns after four months of its presentation at the box office and remained within the range of one million dollars, which is considered a loss. Too heavy.”

He added that despite the presence of illustrious names in the world of cinema in the film, it was a catastrophe.

The writer of the article in the newspaper “Makkah” attributed the reason to the fact that the Emirati producer “Mansour Al Dhaheri” was interfering in everything, and the scenario was changed several times to match his shares accusing Qatar.

The Saudi newspaper stressed that the film was not as successful as Al-Zahiri believed, and its plans failed, and the reason is that whoever enters politics within the creative work is doomed to regret.

‘Eccentric’ is a sleazy job

The writer concluded his strong-worded article criticizing the sleazy work, that the actors found a treasure of gold, because the producer would pay them the amount they wanted in order to appear only in the movie.

The “Makhafi Azam” program on Al-Jazeera had revealed exclusive documents and private leaks, about the direct involvement of the Emirati leadership at the highest level, in directing the script of the Hollywood movie “The Misfits”, and changing its text to offend Qatar, and a number of Islamic symbols, such as the President The former International Union of Muslim Scholars, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, and her showing that she incites violence.

What is the greatest hidden?

And last August, the program (What is Hidden is Greater), presented by the media, Tamer Al-Mishal, revealed, through exclusive leaks and documents, how Abu Dhabi controlled a Hollywood movie and transformed its content into a politically directed one that serves its agenda, which sparked a wide interaction.

The program obtained exclusive leaks that reveal the scenes of Abu Dhabi’s production of the movie (The Misfits), which has sparked controversy over its content, message, and purpose since the beginning of its presentation.

The program team was also able to conduct exclusive interviews with the participants in the film Eccentrics and trace all the stages of production of the film – in the UAE and abroad – and the Prime Time Zone and officials associated with it.


The program, which was broadcast by Al Jazeera, followed how Abu Dhabi transformed the original scenario of the film from a fictional story into a directed political context linked to real names to serve its political agenda and to offend the State of Qatar and link it to terrorism.

The events of the film revolve around the so-called (combating the financing of terrorism), as scenes and real names associated with Qatar were inserted.

And (What is Hidden is Greater) presented a leaked message that revealed a request by the Emirati company from the producer and director of the film to include specific political clips offensive to Qatar and link them to the sponsorship of terrorism, including a request to allocate a scene embodying the character of Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, showing him inciting violence.

Most of the film’s scenes were filmed in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi, where official support was evident, including the UAE armed forces’ support for the film’s production team with military equipment and supplies for filming.

The program also revealed a large financial transfer to the company producing the film from another company managed by the Emirati National Security Adviser, Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed.

movie production

The actor and producer of the movie (Eccentrics), Ramy Jaber, explained that the first draft of the film was written in 2016, indicating that Mansour Al-Yahbouni Al-Dhaheri, who took 40% of the film’s production, established two companies and contracted again with those in charge of the work.

He pointed out that Mansour Al Yahbouni Al Dhaheri holds government positions in the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court, the same person who opened the way for the UAE to use the film as a tool to promote its agenda at a time when the Gulf crisis was at its height.

The program showed an audio leak revealing that the Emirati producer of the film offered exaggerated amounts of money to his partner, Jaber, to drop a case against him in the United States.

He also revealed a leaked document of a contract between Al Dhaheri and the writer of the film, Robert Heaney, according to which Al Dhaheri gets the right to ask the writer to make unlimited modifications to the original script of the film and change the facts of his story by deleting or adding.

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In return, the writer receives $50,000 and receives 2.5% of the total net profit from the movie’s proceeds after its release.

Because of the content of the film and the source of its funding, one of the film’s producers filed a case in the United States against the Emirati network.

The program team also obtained leaked copies that reveal a financial transfer to the company producing the film from a company managed by Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed.

It is noteworthy that the film starring international stars from different countries, and the film was promoted by the most famous Emirati media organizations as an Arab production in Hollywood that was filmed entirely in Abu Dhabi.

Demonization of Qatar

The events of the eccentric film revolve around the fight against terrorism in the Middle East with its link to the Muslim Brotherhood, and its story revolves around a hypothetical country called (Island), but it is interesting that a number of clips and scenes linked them to real places and names in the State of Qatar.

Because of the content of the film and the source of its funding, one of the film’s producers filed a case in America against the Emirati network. The investigation obtained leaked copies that revealed a financial transfer to the company producing the film from a company managed by Sheikh Tahnoun bin Zayed.

However, legal disputes and the political atmosphere affected the content of the film and its track, by adding and removing it, and delaying the timing of its showing more than once, until it was recently released in cinemas.

The distortion of Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi

The comparison between the final version of the scenario and its initial draft shows the great paradox between the first scenario of a fictional story that was supposed to take place without any political context or connection to reality.

However, the eccentric scenario was modified to become political par excellence, as Qatar was mentioned in more than 15 places and names of real Qatari personalities appeared, as it was referred to Al-Jazeera in the context of the new text talking about sponsoring terrorism.

The work team (What is Hidden Was Greater) was able to obtain a letter proving the request of the company (Al Kalima) – which is run by Al Dhaheri – for amendments to the original script of the film, including changing the name of a fictitious character in the name of the Qatari Abdul Rahman Al-Nuaimi. As the main architect of the September 11 attacks.

Among the amendments aimed at including clips offensive to the State of Qatar, the document revealed a request to embody the personality of Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi in a dedicated representative scene aimed at showing him as an instigator of violence and bombing.

According to some of the leaked clips from the film – obtained by the program – its heroes talk about the State of Qatar and link its name to the “state of terrorism”.

It is also suggested that the scenes filmed in the UAE were filmed in Qatar by writing the name of Qatar on the license plates and showing the internal security forces known in Qatar as “Lekhwiya”.

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