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Not a day has passed since a robbery happened in Egypt at the villa of the artist Elham Shaheen, and two days ago, the artist, Noha Nabil, was stolen her valuable bag, until the Saudi artist revealed and promised that she was subjected to a similar theft incident.

Saudi Arabia promised

Through a video clip that she posted on her (Instagram) account, Waad Saudi Arabia talked about the details of the incident and how her house was stolen by the maid.

Waad showed her followers a video clip in which she talked about her preoccupation in recent days with the repercussions of a robbery that she was subjected to by her housemaid who escaped and stole four precious gold bracelets that the artist used to put in her room for permanent use.

The Saudi artist confirmed that the domestic worker stole her despite her good treatment of her.

She pointed out that she usually puts her precious jewelry in a sealed safe, but the stolen bracelets used to leave them within reach of her being wearing them a lot, so she informed the police of this incident and they were already able to arrest the domestic worker.

Waad Saudi Arabia appeared in the video while she was touring her personal belongings, fearing that the worker also stole things from them without her knowledge.

Noting that the robbery incident was cited by her, especially for her good treatment of this domestic worker.

Nabil forbade theft

This incident comes a few days after the Kuwaiti blogger Noha Nabil was exposed to the incident of stealing her expensive Hermes bag from inside her home.

After that, she knew the identity of the thief and retrieved the bag, so she cried after it was recovered.

A thief robbed Elham Shaheen’s villa

Yesterday, Wednesday, Egyptian actress Elham Shaheen told the details of the thief’s attempt to rob her villa, after the villa guard managed to arrest him and hand it over to security.

In exclusive statements to the (Al-Youm Al-Sabea) website, Elham told the story of the attempt to storm and steal her villa in Mansourieh, where she said she was fine, thank God.

And that she learned about the matter through the villa guard, where he arrested a person who tried to storm the villa and steal it, and handed him over to the police.

Ilham Shaheen

Elham Shaheen explained that she learned of the matter from the villa guard because she does not currently live in the Mansourieh villa, where she lives in her apartment in Heliopolis.

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Investigators at the Al-Jeez Security Directorate arrested an unemployed person accused of trying to steal the villa of the artist Elham Shaheen in Mansouriya.

The accused tried to climb the villa, but the guard assigned to guard was able to control him.

The rescue room in Giza received a report stating that someone attempted to steal the villa of the artist, Elham Shaheen, in the Mansouriya area.

Upon conducting investigations, it became evident to the investigators that an unemployed person tried to climb the fence of the villa, and one of the guards managed to control it, and wrote a report on the incident and the prosecution took over the investigation.

The Public Prosecution office in Giza ordered the imprisonment of an unemployed person accused of attempting to steal the villa of the artist Elham Shaheen in the Mansouriya area in Giza, for 4 days pending investigations, and requested the security services’ complementary investigations about the incident. To find out their circumstances and circumstances.

Investigations into the burglary of Ilham Shaheen’s house

Investigations revealed that, late on Tuesday evening, an unemployed man climbed the villa of Elham Shaheen in the Mansouriya area with the intention of stealing it. Thefts, so a report of the incident was drawn up, and it was referred to the prosecution, which began the investigations.

The investigations continued, that the villa is owned by the artist Elham Shaheen, but she is not residing in it, and that after the accused was caught by the area guard, he called her to inform her of the incident.

It is noteworthy that Elham Shaheen’s last work was the series Zay Al-Qamar, where she presented the story of “Mona’s Hatta” and was shown on the Cbc drama.

And that is after an absence from the drama 4 years ago, specifically after she presented the sixth part of the series “Layali Al-Helmiyya” in 2016, which was co-starred by Safia Al-Omari, Elham Shaheen, Hisham Selim, Firdous Abdel Hamid, Tunisian Dora, Mohamed Riad, Alaa Morsi, Hanan Shawky, Mohamed Metwally, Anam Salousa and Ahda Sadiq And it was directed by Magdy Abu Omaira.

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