Saudi businessman Nader Turki Al-Dosari arrives in America after circumventing the decision to prevent him from traveling | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The famous Saudi businessman, Nader Turki Al-Dosari and his son, arrived in the United States of America after circumventing the travel ban imposed by Riyadh on him.

The Saudi businessman, Nader Turki Al-Dosari, who is prohibited from leaving the kingdom with his family, had filed a lawsuit against the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, after detaining his predecessor, Mohammed bin Nayef, which prevented the latter from fulfilling his contractual obligations towards an oil refinery on an island in the Caribbean. .

Mohammed bin Nayef has not been seen since his detention in March last year, after his cousin, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, removed him from office in 2017.

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Mohammed bin Nayef, long seen as the CIA’s most trusted Saudi ally, served as interior minister since 2012, before becoming crown prince three years later.

The lawsuit of Nader Turki Al-Dosari and the disappearance of Muhammad bin Nayef

The lawsuit cited government efforts not to disclose his whereabouts, with documents showing that the detained former crown prince was represented by an American law firm working for his rival, Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The story began in June last year, when Al-Dosari filed a lawsuit in the US state of Pennsylvania on behalf of his son Rakan, a US citizen, against Prince Mohammed bin Nayef and other Saudi parties.

Mohammed bin Nayef

He claimed that the parties had failed to honor a decades-old contract for a refinery project on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia.

However, the case posed a dilemma: how to summon a prince whose whereabouts are unknown.

The lawsuit was amended to include Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and indicated that he had placed Mohammed bin Nayef under house arrest and confiscated his assets, which prevented him from fulfilling his contractual obligations.

When al-Dosari said that a subpoena could not be served against Mohammed bin Nayef, the court ordered Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s lawyer to help confirm his whereabouts.

‘Already imprisoned’

Last March, Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s lawyer offered to disclose the whereabouts of Mohammed bin Nayef, but “in a confidential manner.” about his detention.

Nader Turki Al-Dosari’s lawyer insisted that Prince Mohammed bin Salman “is holding the former crown prince under house arrest,” and said, “Nayef is already a prisoner… Saudi Arabia.”

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However, last month the judge dismissed the case of non-performance of the contract brought by Al-Dosari against bin Nayef, leaving the issue of Mohammed bin Nayef’s status and whereabouts unresolved.

Al-Dossary’s lawyer, James Tallman, told AFP that he intends to file an appeal and also face the travel ban against his client, which he fears will “evolve into detention.”

The Saudi authorities have not publicly commented on the detention of Muhammad bin Nayef, which revealed a rivalry within the royal family, according to some sources.

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