Saudi girls turn the classroom into a dance hall after returning to school! | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Activists on social media circulated a video clip showing girls dancing in a classroom in Saudi Arabia, which sparked widespread controversy.

After more than a year and a half of remote study, last Sunday, millions of students returned to attending classes in the Kingdom’s schools, in light of strict precautionary measures to confront the Corona pandemic.

Banning the use of mobile phones in Saudi schools

This comes, while the Saudi Ministry of Education decided, on Tuesday, to ban the use of mobile phones “permanently” inside schools, and to prevent filming any educational facility.

And the official Saudi Press Agency reported, “The Ministry of Education issued a decision to permanently ban the use of mobile phones inside the school.”

Saudi students

The ministry explained that “the school administration has the exception to prevent the bringing of the mobile phone for necessity according to its discretion, and this includes the case of students whose health conditions require bringing the mobile to the school, provided that it is kept with the administration.”

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The ministry directed “all education staff, students, their parents and others to completely prevent photography in schools and educational facilities, as it is a legal violation.”

And on Sunday, the Ministry of Education decided to “allow students to bring smartphones into schools, during the first week of the beginning of the school year as a temporary measure; To achieve preparation and readiness during the past days while they entered their schools,” according to the agency, for the first time before retracting it without explaining the reasons.

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